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AW10 American Wick™ Replacement wick for Kerosene Heaters

The AW10 Kerosene Heater Wick fits certain models in many brands including Kero Sun, Van Wyck, Kero Heat, Dyna Glow, and others.
Product Overview


  • AW10 Replacement Wick
  • Fits many brands and models including the following: Aladdin S-131, Supra 200, S-231, SupraFan, S-381; American Wick AWHR-1101, AWRF-1140; Bando BK-96; Commander CH-96; Dura Heat DH1000, 1010, 1050; Dyna Glow 2601, 2602-32, RMC65F, Rad 20, 31494, 31495, RMC55R, CT-1200; Easy EZ-2200, EZ-2220; Envirotemp CT-1100, CT-1100F, 1200, RF-1300, 30462, 30471, (9500 BTU), 30492, (CT1100), RMC55R, 55R-7, 65F, RF1300; Ever Splendor HT-2; Fanco- 9600, 96, 100; Gemini III - 10000; Gold Star 50-50; Heat Mate K-5, K-10, HF-1140, HMHR110; Imarflex 10,000, 10,500, 11,000, Cart 100; Kero Heat CT-1000, IT-1000, CT-1100, FCT-1200, RF-1140, 1400, 1500; Kero Solar KMI-82, Master VM-180; Kero Sun Radiant 8, 10, 22, Omni 85D, E, F, G, H; Kerojet SCT1100, 1101; Kerray Hawaiin; Kerroworld KW-11, 11B, C; Ketac KHF-100; Loudi F-960 Yukon; Multiplex HT-02; CKH-4900; Radiant King RK-100S (W361F); Robeson 2601-32, 2602-32, Rad 20, 9600, Part #KS-50001; Samaritan SR-8200, SRT-9600; S-13000; Sengoku CT1100, 1400, 1500, HMHR1101, HMHF1140; Sharp HSR-36G, HSR-37G, HSR-24VE; Shetland KHR-96; Sunstar EZ2220; Van Wyck 01-2601-32 (RAD9600), 012602-32 (RAD 10,500); White Gate Model 100, K-192 KET;
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