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7 Roller Silver Series Pump

Item #32276
7 Roller Silver Series Pump
Product Overview

7 Roller Silvercast Pump, with a 15/16 inch solid shaft with standard counter clockwise rotation. Roller pumps are designed for agricultural and industrial spraying and transfer of a variety of fluids. These include insecticides, herbicides, emulsives, aromatic solvents, liquid fertilizers and many other liquids. The economical rotary-action roller principle requires no check valves while providing positive displacement characteristics with less friction and lower starting torque than other pumps. This Hypro roller pump comes in a Silvercast pump body with side ports.

The Silvercast housing is good for use with liquid fertilizers, weed control chemicals and insecticides. The Silvercast series gets up to 10 times longer pump life, and they are also roundup ready. The roller pump works by having the pump shaft driven by a PTO, gas engine or electric motor. Then a constant supply of fluid enters the inlet side of the pump. As the shaft and rotor assembly turns, rollers push the fluid through the pump housing to the outlet side of the pump. (Note: roller pumps cannot be operated dry).

The volume of flow is determined by several factors including, PTO speed, operating pressure, size of the pump and the size and number of rollers. This pump has a maximum flow of 14.2 GPM at 540 RPM or 22.1 GPM at 800 RPM. The maximum pressure is 200 PSI, and the maximum fluid temperature is 140 degrees. The port size is 3/4 inch NPT female, with super rollers (standard). The shaft seals are standard Viton seals. There is no quick Coupler included. Use ASC #25131 Coupler for 540 RPM and ASC #25132 Coupler for 1000 RPM.

  • Viton seals, 3/4 inch npt ports, 15/16 inch solid shaft
  • 7 roller maximum flow, 14.2 GPM at 540 RPM,
  • 22.1 GPM at 800 RPM, maximum pressure 200 PSI,
  • Less Coupler, can use 25131 Coupler for 540.
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