48" Rotary Tiller, Gear Driven


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Use this 3-point rotary tiller to help you prepare your soils for planting. This tiller has a working width of 48 inches and is equipped with 36 tiller blades. This unit comes standard with a heavy duty cast iron gear box, PTO shaft, slip clutch, Category 1 quick hitch, and a parking stand.

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With a working width of 48 inches, this 3-point rotary tiller has 6 flanges with 6 tiller blades each. The recommended tractor horsepower for this tiller is 20 to 35 hp. The Tillovator comes standard with a PTO and slip clutch to help protect the gearbox.

  • CGR-48 Rotary Tiller
  • Working width: 48 inches
  • Offset to right: 4 inches
  • 542 lbs.
  • Heavy duty cast iron gear box: standard
  • Category 1 quick hitch: standard
  • Number of flanges: 6
  • Number of blades per flange: 6
  • Total number of blades: 36
  • Required tractor hp: 20 to 35
  • Equipped with a parking stand
  • Replacement ASC #77729 rotary tiller tine pack (one left one right includes nuts and bolts)
  • Replaceable skid shoes
  • Use ASC #45905 for a replacement PTO shaft
  • Use ASC #31971 for a replacement friction plate
  • Replacement output gasket for gear box, ASC # 78819
  • Replacement gearbox use ASC # 78796
  • Replacement seal lip use ASC # 78808
  • Replacement double bearing use ASC # 78809
  • Replacement gear - 35 teeth use ASC # 78810
  • Replacement gear - 16 teeth use ASC # 78811
  • Replacement gear - 28 teeth use ASC # 78812
  • Replacement gasket use ASC # 78813
  • Replacement output gasket 0.8 mm use ASC # 78818
  • Replacement output gasket 0.5 mm use ASC # 78819
  • Replacement input gasket 9.4 mm use ASC # 78820
  • Replacement input gasket 0.2 mm use ASC # 78821
  • Replacement seal double lip use ASC # 78822
  • Replacement sealed ball bearing (6308) use ASC # 78823
  • Replacement ball bearings (6308) use ASC # 78824
  • Replacement ball bearing (6307) use ASC # 78825
  • Replacement ball bearing (6207) use ASC # 78826
  • Replacement pinion shaft use ASC # 78827
  • Replacement output gear - 19 teeth use ASC # 78828
  • Replacement side gearbox assembly use ASC # 78797
We also carry a variety of other tillovator sizes, as well as King Kutter and Caroni brands.

Instruction Manual can be downloaded here

  CGR-48 TILLOVATOR 4' GEAR DRIVE in Tillovators and Farm Machinery & Tractor Implements at Agri Supply ®.

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars Set up challenges


Dave R. from GA wrote (March 03, 2019):

Gear driven, quality of construction, price were good compared to other manufacturers. Setting up was a pain as there is only an online manual. Did not get one when I bought it. The online manual is fine except, the pictures are crap....trying to find the right plug or area discussed is a pain. For the price of the tiller, include a real user manual....

5 Stars Nice Tiller


from VA wrote (March 28, 2017):

I bought this roto-tiller from ASC the other day. I have used it a twice so far and it has tilled the garden and two food plots with no problem. I have a little 1220 compact ford with a 17 HP motor and it eats on thru the ground. This roto-tiller works amazingly. I would highly recommend this purchase. the only thing I would recommend is getting ASC to print a manual because it does not come with one and there is no link for one.

5 Stars Great So Far


Zeke on 8 Acres from SC wrote (March 26, 2017):

Only about 2 days of ownership and a little over 200 ft of tilling, but so far so good. Bonus - i-Match compatible behind my JD 1025R

5 Stars Awesome tiller for your money!


VK Fayetteville from GA wrote (April 06, 2016):

Read the reviews and was still skeptical, but I can't be happier with this purchase. It Shipped right to my door, checked oil and grease and then I was off. This thing cut through GA clay like you wouldn't believe. Tilled about an acre of a field covered with short cut grass. Tore through this old field with ease. Now all that's left is fresh tilled ground, a new field of Black Raspberries and the other usual garden favorites. Highly recommended for the quality and price.

5 Stars New to tillers


Giving it a try from VA wrote (March 08, 2016):

I wanted to make full use out of my BX 2370 Kabota tractor so I decided to go ahead and buy Taylo I wanted to make full use out of my BX 2370 Kabota tractor so I decided to go ahead and buy a tiller. After little bit of research I found this one to be the best one for the price. I think the other reviews tell the same story. I had to take about 4 1/2 inches off the driveshaft to make it work on my tractor but all of it looks well. I can't wait to put it to good use.

5 Stars Good Machine


Not a Farmer from GA wrote (September 02, 2015):

Here is a video of it attached to the BX2370. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjbRwQ7qhos

5 Stars Impressive tool.


Not a Farmer from GA wrote (August 31, 2015):

Bought the tiller Friday at the local AgriSupply. The guy who loaded it said the one they had assembled had all the oil leak out of it. Well it was true it had no oil, but per the instructions it never shipped with any either. Anyway we picked up one still in the metal shipping box. Took about an hour to assemble. Then had to go purchase 3 quarts of oil. Also make sure you have a grease gun cause it calls for greasing the gear box also. Got it all bolted together and lubbed up and went to attach it to the tractor and the PTO shaft was too long to connect the 3 point hitch on the BX2370. Well we got a shorter PTO and were up and running. The tiller was impressive. Went through rocks, roots, bricks, and a ton of stuff I would have never though it could. The tiller only bound up once when it tried to eat a 5 foot long 6 inch wide log. Great machine at a good price.

5 Stars Great tiller


Dean E. from TN wrote (April 19, 2015):

Bought this tiller a week ago and can't be more pleased. It's a heavy duty tool in my opinion. I had an acre of my property that needed tilling this machine went through clay and some rocks with ease. Tilled the acre in two different directions without any problems. Definitely would recommend this to a friend. Can't beat agri supplies prices and shipping.

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