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Gator™ G6™ Mulcher Mower Blade to fit Scag, 24-1/2"

396-764 Scag Gator™ G6™ Mulcher Blade - 24-1/2"
Product Overview
Oregon #LengthCenter HoleWidthThickness
Mower Blade made to fit Ferris GATOR® G6® (Will not fit ICD decks)
OEM(s) • 48112, 48113, 481709
Mower Blade made to fit Hustler GATOR® G6®
OEM(s) • 602857, 602857X, 798702, 798702X, 798710, 798710X, 798728, 798728X
Mower Blade made to fit Jacobsen GATOR® G6®
OEM(s) • 3970261
Mower Blade made to fit Scag GATOR® G6®
OEM(s) • 48112, 481709, 482788, 482882
Mower Blade made to fit Toro GATOR® G6® Turbo Force deck built 2010 and later
OEM(s) • 105-7711, 105-7711-03, 105-7712, 105-7712-03, 105-7719, 105-7719-03, 105-7778, 105-7778-03, 105-7784, 105-7784-03, 108-1120, 108-1126, 110-0404, 110-0410, 110-0411
  • Oregon® Part Number 396-764
  • Scag Gator® G6® 24-1/2In
  • Center Hole: 5/8
  • Length 24-1/2
  • Width: 3
  • Thickness: 0.250
  • GATOR® G6®
  • Fusion
  • Hi Lift
Replacement Blades are "MADE TO FIT" - NOT an OEM part
To ensure that we ship the correct replacement blade for your mower, please match the OEM # or the measurement of your blade (measure from top left to bottom right of Blade or top right to bottom left of blade for length).
Check your manufacturer's part number in your owner's manual or parts list. The OEM # listed should match that number. If your manufacturer's part number is not listed, call us toll free 800-345-0169 and we will check our complete stock of blades, and/or see if we can get it for you!
Please follow your Mower Manufacturer's Installation Guidelines exactly when installing blades. Failure to follow such guidelines may result in property damage, personal injury, or death.
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