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Semi-Chisel Chainsaw Chain, 16 In., S54

Item #71401
A sharp replacement chainsaw chain is useful when needing to create smooth and efficient cuts. This S series chain fits a large variety of different chain saws. The low profile feature directs the low kick back action to be safer when the nose touches an object.
Product Overview

Replacing chainsaw chains are essential to maintaining safe and precise cuts. This S series chain is an ideal low profile chain because it allows the kick back to reaction to be more safe. It offers a smooth cutting performance with a notched bumper drive that improves the chip flow and features less clogging. This 16 in. chain is a high performing Chamfer Chisel℣ cutter. Please view the chainsaw chain brands list below for the compatible models.

Chainsaw Chain Brands
  • Semi-Chisel Chain Saw Blade, 16 In.
  • Fits chain saws: Craftsman®/Sears®: 41554, 41556, 41558
  • Mastercraft® models before April 1999: 54-5720
  • McCulloch®: 1839NAV, 3205, 3505, 3805, Eager Beaver: EB428, EB2.0, EB2.1, EB2010, EB2014, EB2016, EB2116AV, EB2316AV; Electramac: 14A/S, 14AE, 14E, 2010, 2116, Em14E, EM16E; Mac: 110, 115, 120, 130, 140, 160S, 3200, 3210, 3214, 3216, 3514, 3516, 3518, 3816, 3818AV, 435, 440; Mac Cat, Mac Cat 38, Mac Cat Super: 6AV, 16AV, 18AV, 165, 310, 320, 330, 340, 510, 515, Mini Mac (all models), MS1415, MS1432, MS1434, MS1435, MS1436, MS1838, MS1838AV, MS1639NAVCC, MS1839, MS1842AVCC, PM145, PM380, PM425, Pro-Mac: 3500, 3505AV, Silver Eagle: 2010, 2012S, 2014S, 2016S; Titan: 35, 40; Wildcat/MacCat
  • Troy-Bilt®: TB4016, TB4218
  • Wen® 3816, 3818, 4016
  • Micro Chisel® cutters
  • "X" grind geometry for imporved cutting
  • Blued cutters, corrosion resistant
  • Vibe-Ban™ chassis to reduce 25 percent vibration
  • Patented chain steel, good for cold weather
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