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Service Jacks

Agri Supply carries a selection of service jacks for several different uses in or out of your shop. All of our service jacks are tough and rugged and will stand up to most conditions found in a shop or garage. We have floor jacks, high lift jacks, trolley jacks and air hydraulic jacks to choose from. You can raise a truck or car off the ground with just a few pumps of a handle and be well on your way to a quick repair.

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Race Jack Aluminum Ton
image Torin T84025 Aluminum and Steel Racing Jack 2.5 Ton Floor Jack
Item # 57605
$239.99 EA
Ton Air Hydraulic Service Jack
image Torin® 22 Ton Air Hydraulic Service Jack
Item # 57609
$449.99 EA
Ton Long Frame Floor Jack
image Torin® 5 Ton Long Frame Floor Jack
Item # 38228
$649.99 EA
Ton Sisssors Car Jack Handle
image 1.5 Ton Scissors Car Jack with Handle
Item # 42055
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$27.99 EA
Ton Trolley Jack Rotating Handle
Item # 50700
$47.66 EA
Floor Jack (2 Ton) Combo w/Stands & Creeper
image Floor Jack (2 Ton) Combo w/Stands & Creeper
Item # 57603
$134.99 EA
3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack
image 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack
Item # 127022
$204.99 EA
Floor Jack Combo Ton With Jack Stands
Item # 55377
$319.99 EA
Rear Caster Wheels
image Torin® Rear Caster Wheels
Item # 79797
$6.99 EA
Torin 2.75 Ton Service Jack
image Torin® 2.75 Ton Service Jack
Item # 32758
$149.66 EA
In stores only
Ton Rolling Suv Jack
image Torin® 3 Ton Rolling SUV Jack
Item # 57604
$119.99 EA
3.5 Ton Low Profile Jack
image 3.5 Ton Low Profile Jack
Item # 117005
$354.88 EA

The floor jacks we have available are high-quality models like the five-ton long frame floor jack and a two-ton floor jack that comes with its own storage case. We stock vertical car jacks from 48 inches tall to 60 inches high. These tough hydraulic jacks are constructed of steel and built to take on your biggest projects and repair jobs. Some of these service jacks are sold in convenient kits, too, which include stands and chocks.

If you think floor jacks are just necessities for professional auto shops, then you should consider how hydraulic jacks can help you in your home shop. These car jacks are ideal for raising your car or truck with just a few pumps. Hydraulic jacks can also save you money because you don't need to take your car into the shop for relatively simple needs such as tune-ups or oil changes. And small, portable service jacks can slip into your trunk just in case you need roadside repair or have to change a tire.

Sturdy floor jacks from the workshop supplies section at Agri Supply can help you save money during the life of your car. These handy car jacks help you change your own oil and make minor repairs.

Look into the floor jacks we have available at Agri Supply, and you'll find one or more to fit the jobs and repairs you need done. If you think car jacks are tools just for professionals in auto repair, then you might consider how much you can save with these handy hydraulic devices. Use our hydraulic jacks for raising your car or truck for smaller maintenance projects, like oil-changes. Purchasing service jacks, then, is a smart buy that keeps you from having to take your auto into a pro shop for minor issues.

The many floor jacks we stock include models built for hauling heavy-duty freight. We have car jacks that can lift 2 ¼ to 2 ¾ ton loads, but we also stock jacks that can handle even more. Look into our hydraulic jacks with a five-ton payload capability if you need even more lifting power. And our service jacks even feature an air hydraulic jack capable of raising 22 tons off the ground.

The floor jacks in our workshop equipment shops are only some of the many items we carry at Agri Supply. Car jacks make up only one section of our store that stocks more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden. In addition to hydraulic jacks, we have thousands of other tools for your home or business workshop and these include power and hand tools. Besides service jacks and shop tools, we carry 250,00 lawn mower blades to fit up to 800 plus mower applications and over 70 name brand mowers.

Some of our floor jacks are also hydraulic jack sets, and they include extra amenities. You can find car jacks that are flat hydraulic trolley jacks with their own heavy-duty plastic cases for quick and convenient storage. Other hydraulic jacks, like our two-ton rolling jack sets, come equipped with stands and chocks all in one. These service jacks are economical and easy to put together when you need them.