Silhouette Target, 12 In. x 18 In.


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For long lasting shooting life, this cardboard silhouette target measures 23 in. x 35 in and is made of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard. To extend the life of each target, 40 repair pasters are included with this kit to cover bullet holes and reinforce the Shoot-N-C® target.

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Enjoy instant feedback from Shoot-N-C® targets. Every time your bullet hits the target a bright colored ring reveals its location without the use of binoculars or breaking to walk to the target. Keep up with your silhouette target practice with this reusable kit. The self-adhesive targets included in this silhouette kit create 5 targets in one. Easily line up the targets with the tick marks for correct placement every time.

  • Shoot-N-C® Silhouette Target
  • Heavy duty corrugated 23 in. x 35 in. silhouette shooting target
  • Two replacable 12 in. x 18 in. chest targets
  • Two 9 in. targets
  • Six 4.5 in. targets
  • 40 repair pasters
  • 5 targets in one
  • Instant feedback upon impact
  • Recyclable, disposable and biodegradable
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  SHOOT-N-C SELF-ADHESIVE in Targets and Hunting Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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