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PowerLift™ Type 3 (EE) Flat Eye Sling

Item #32340
This websling PowerPlus™ is a high tech series that reduces risk. This sling is made with a thermoplastic beading and the edges are protected against cuts and tears when lifting abrasive loads in harshest environments.
Product Overview
  • PowerLift™
  • Type 3
  • Part number: EE2702
  • Vertical rated WLL: 6,400 lbs
  • Choker rated WLL: 5,120 lbs.
  • Vertical basket rated WLL: 12,800 lbs.
  • Width: 2"
  • Minimum sling length: 6'
  • Minimum eye length: 12"
  • High tech series
  • Reinforced eyes to prevent damage from lifting hooks
  • Chemical coating
  • Two ply webbing tightly stitched for predictable performance
  • Thermoplastic beading protects edges against rough loads and abrasive surroundings
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