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Slotted Spring Pin, 1-1/4 In. x 5/16 In. (2/Bag)

Slotted spring pins also known as coiled spring pins, are designed with a parallel slot for a self-locking feature. This spring pin measures 1-1/4 in. length x 5/16 in. diameter, with chamfered ends for an easy installation. There are 2 spring pins sold in this set.
Product Overview

This cylindrical shaped coil spring pin has a hollowed interior and a slotted design. The slot offers benefits that include anchoring clips, cupping objects, and allowing a distribution of weight around the spring pin. Measuring 1-1/4 in. length x 5/16 in. diameter, this spring pin is constructed from high carbon steel and has a plain finish. The chamfered ends create an easy installation as they fit well into tight spaces. There are 2 slotted spring pins sold in this set, and these powerful hardware pieces have a double shear strength minimum of 10,800 lbs.


  • Spring Pin
  • Hollow design
  • Chamfered ends
  • Parallel slot for self locking
  • Dimensions: 1-1/4 in. length x 5/16 in. diameter
  • 2 per bag
  • Construction: High carbon steel
  • Double shear strength minimum: 10,800 lbs
  • Hardness: HV 458 to 560
  • 2 spring pins per bag
  • Use ASC # 56389 Scraper Blade
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