Spotlights & Lanterns

Spotlights, Lanterns, Headlamps, Spotlight Extension Cords

Agri Supply® knows that you need a little help seeing through the nighttime. From spotlights that plug into your truck to headlamps for your head, Agri Supply® keeps the light on during the dark. Power up your spotlight with extension cords to boost the light from the battery or your 12V plug. Headlamps and hat clips from Agri Supply® get you to and from the stand after dark.

The spotlights in the hunting supplies section at Agri Supply are reliable lights for hunting. We have rechargeable spotlights that come with 12-volt or 110-volt chargers. Along with hunting spotlights, you'll find an assortment of hunting light accessories such as extension cords and replacement bulbs and lamps. Our hunting lights include searchlights with 1 million candle power to turn the darkest forest or field as bright as day.

We have spotlights with bright quart halogen bulbs. We carry rechargeable spotlights that are cordless, making them ideal for hunting tips.

The spotlights at Agri Supply are reliable and put out a useful amount of light for work or hunting. We have rechargeable spotlights that can provide from 1 million to 2 million in candle power, putting a whole new light on your outdoor activities. Our rechargeable hunting spotlights are compact and weatherproof so they can go anywhere. Some of our rechargeable hunting lights come with 12-volt or 110-volt recharging cords.

Choose our rechargeable spotlights for their handy charging indicators and switch locks. Our rechargeable spotlights are ideal for taking on hunting trips because they're cordless and portable. Along with hunting spotlights, we offer accessories for hunting lights, such as extension cords, replacement bulbs and lamps, and battery adapters. Our hunting supplies are just some of the more than 26,000 items we stock for farm, shop, home, and garden, so be sure to look into our other sections.