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Sprayer Tank Cleaner, 2 Lb. (Powder Form)

Sodium carbonate is the key ingredient in this tank cleaner and rinsing agent. It is used to clean your sprayer tanks for the simple purpose of maintaining hygienic workable equipment. This cleaning agent container size is 2 lbs.
Ships via ground service.
Product Overview

Clean out sprayer tanks over time to preserve their longevity. This sprayer tank cleaner is formulated from sodium carbonate and creates a moderately basic solution when mixed with water to clean these tanks. It also works well to flush bacteria and build-up from valves, hosing, and pumps. Please refer to the label for directions prior to use, as well as viewing the ratio chart of water and cleaner quantity to tank sizes. The container has a lid that seals for keeping the cleaner safely stored.

  • Sprayer Tank Cleaner and Rinsing Agent
  • Ingredient: Sodium Carbonate
  • For equipment flushing
  • Ideal for hoses, nozzles, pumps, tanks and valves
  • Use with water
  • Use as directed on label
  • Powder form
  • Please view label for cleaner ratio chart
  • 2 lb. or 32 oz. container
  • Keep out of reach of children
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