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#2 Square Recessed Screwdriver

Square head screwdrivers are designed to fit square head fasteners adjust them efficiently. This is a # 2 square head screwdriver which can fit a specific set of fastener sizes. The blade is constructed from chrome vanadium steel for durability.
Product Overview

Adjust square shaped fasteners easily with a # 2 square head screwdriver, also commonly known as Robertson head screwdrivers. The blade measures 5 in. long, the blade along with the tip are both constructed from chrome vanadium steel with a chrome plating. This feature allows the screwdriver to be rust resistant. A fluted handle provides an easy to grip surface when twisting the square screwdriver. The handle is also shatterproof and prevents cracking if accidentally dropped. There are a variety of different Robertson head screwdrivers available.

  • Robertson Head Screwdriver
  • Square tip
  • Tip #2
  • Blade construction: Chrome vanadium steel
  • Chrome plated, rust resistant
  • Shatterproof handle
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