Carolina Cooker® Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set (set of 4)


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This stock pot set comes with four large sizes, 40, 32, 28, and 24 quart. Made of stainless steel, these stock pots are durable and scratch resistant. Stainless steel does not react with food so your stock, broth, sauces, or favorite dishes will taste pure.

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Made of stainless steel, this large stock pot set comes with four pots and matching lids. The stainless steel construction is non-corrosive and does not react with food. Stainless steel stock pots are scratch and warp resistant.

Each stock pot is constructed with a round flat base and straight sides. The stock pots have two handles and the lids have a handle as well. This versatile pot set comes with a 40 quart, 32 quart, 28 quart and 24 quart pot. They are all perfect sizes for your stock, sauces, soups, and other cooking needs.


  • Stainless steel, 0.5 mm.
  • Sizes: 40 qt., 32 qt., 28 qt., and 24 qt.
  • Lids included
  • Handles on pots and lids
  • Liquid levels should not extend above handles

Carolina Cooker STOCK POT LARGE 8PC in Stock Pots & Cooking Pots and Cast Iron & Cooking Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars Great post for the money

SpinningKat from VA wrote (October 11, 2015):

I bought this set about four years ago and use them to dye yarn and wool roving and to wash wool fleeces in my fiber business. I have put these pots through heavy use. Pro's...they heat well and evenly...huge size for the cost...stainless steel is much better than aluminum. Con's....metal is a bit on the thin side, one of the pots had a split in it...and after much heavy use moving filled pots from sink to burner, one of the handles came off. Over all...a good buy.

4 Stars Good deal

Kevin from NC wrote (January 23, 2012):

For the price of this set,it was hard for me to beat that. I purchased this set for brewing beer. I use the two larger pots for this purpose. The smaller two of the set i plan on using for cooking/stews,etc. So far ,I can only vouch for the beer aspect of it,this includes alot of boiling and heating of water/wort. They do have a large footprint,so be sure your cooker can handle it,heat it. The reason I gave it 4 stars was due to the thickness of them. They are thin,and can ding,but i have managed to ping any dents out from me bumping into things. For their purpose,I could not beat the price!