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The Basics of PTO Shafts and Associated Parts

So, you bought a tractor, have some land and now ready to get the Earth ready for planting. The PTO shaft is a very important piece of equipment for your tractor, as transport power from the tractor to the equipment behind the tractor. Whether you are going to be using a bush hog, a tiller, or any other piece of equipment, your PTO shaft needs to be the correct size.

Parts of your PTO Shaft:

  1. Internal Yoke
  2. Universal Joint
  3. External Yoke
  4. Safety Chain
  5. Safety Shield (Always keep in working order AND in place!)

Parts of a PTO Shaft

Measuring a PTO Shaft (Always follow the manufacture length recommendations)

In the closed position, meaning the PTO shaft is the smallest it can be, get a measuring tape. Measure from the outside of each side yoke to get the closed length. To see the correct series size with the horsepower of your tractor, use the diagram below. Be sure to know if you have a shear pin implement end, a slip clutch implement end (shown below), or a splined implement end.

Finding the overall length of PTO Shaft

Horsepower Rating vs. Series Size

Series 16N16 HP25 HP
Series 212N21 HP31 HP
Series 3 30 HP47 HP
Series 414N35 HP55 HP
Series 5 47 HP74 HP
Series 635N64 HP100 HP
Series 744R75 HP118 HP
Series 855N95 HP150 HP

Measuring the Universal Joint:

To measure the universal joint, using a tape measure, measure the width from the outside to the outside (B). After getting that measurement, measure the width of one end of the universal joint (A). After getting that measurement, use this diagram to find the correct size universal joint.

Measuring a Cross Kit

ASC Part NumberEurocardan Part NumberSeries SizeDescriptionCap Diameter ACross Height B
3136910010201Cross Kit Complete22mm / 55/64"54mm / 2 1/8"
3219010020202Cross Kit Complete23.8mm / 15/16"61.3mm / 2 13/32"
3219110030203Cross Kit Complete27mm / 1 1/16"70mm / 2 3/4"
3137010040204Cross Kit Complete27mm / 1 1/16"74.6mm / 2 15/16"
3137110050205Cross Kit Complete30.2mm / 1 3/16"80mm / 3 9/64"
3219210060206Cross Kit Complete30.2mm / 1 3/16"92mm / 3 5/8"
3219310070207Cross Kit Complete35mm / 1 3/8"94mm / 3 45/64"
3219410080208Cross Kit Complete35mm / 1 3/8"106.5mm / 4 13/64"
75443100002010Cross Kit Complete41mm118mm / 4 41/64"

Check out our PTO Shafts and Accessories categories for a complete listing.

Warning! Be Sure To Use Proper Length PTO!

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