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Handy Tools and Tips for Maintaining Your Tractor

Before you start to consider tractor attachments and tractor accessories for sale, think about the state of your current equipment. You want to be sure tractor attachments for gardening and tractor attachment parts are attached to equipment that’s in excellent repair so you get the most from your efforts.

Owner’s manuals can be helpful, but also dense and difficult to read. So while it is vital to keep a manual on hand for operating your exact machine, you probably don’t want to keep referring to your manual constantly. Consider creating a list of tasks for your tractor’s upkeep to revisit on a regular basis.

Make it a routine - every day, week, month, and year - and before you know it, keeping your tractor in tiptop shape will become second nature, saving you time and stress. You will be repaid with equipment that lasts and works well with your tractor attachments for years to come.

First we’ll discuss some tools to have on hand, then what to keep in mind for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance.


Firstly, obtain the proper tools. Upkeep for tractors and tractor attachment parts calls for various wrenches and other tools, sometimes in different sizes than for vehicle maintenance and repairs. That said, maintaining a tractor doesn’t require a great deal of unusual tools. The essentials will do. Have a wrench set and a socket set to perform a variety of repairs, and simply be aware of whether you you need metric or standard (SAE) tools. Also make sure you have an oil filter wrench to remove caps from spin-on oil filters, a volt or an ohm meter to check electrical currents from transformers and a grease gun that easily pumps grease onto your utility equipment. More intricate repairs may require more specialty tools, but the basics will help with most of your maintenance tasks.

Tips for basic maintenance:

Every day (or, every time you use your tractor): Do a visual inspection of your tractor and tractor accessories & attachments for gardening and other tasks. Look carefully for signs of wear or damage. Be sure that tires are in good condition, and look for oil leakages, worn out or damaged belts, and worn out or broken hoses. It’s also a good idea to look at your coolant levels, and don’t forget to check that your seat belt is in good working order – after all, your safety is number one priority.

Often inspect all switches and lights (especially if the tractor will be running before sunrise or after sundown), examine mount and hinge bolts and determine and correct tire pressure if needed. Also, for your safety, be sure your rollover protection system is functioning as it should.

Frequently adjust your brake pedal or pedals and inspect your air filter and clean or replace it as needed. Also examine the cooling fan, notice and adjust battery fluid levels, and grease all lubrication fittings. Remember as well to lubricate your seat suspension, hood and access panel hinges.

Semi-Frequently check your steering linkage as well as your front-wheel alignment. Also change your engine oil and replace the oil filter—check front axle oil level if four-wheel-drive. As needed, adjust the transmission oil level, if it’s different from the hydraulic system.

Now and then clean or change your hydraulic oil filter and change your transmission fluid. Also change front-axle fluid, if four-wheel-drive, replace fuel filter or filters, and modify steering gear. Replace steering gear fluid or lubricant if needed.

Every year, replace your coolant and check your antifreeze. At least once yearly, take the time to thoroughly wash your tractor and touch up any scratches on your tractor and tractor attachments. If you want to be extra thorough, take a quick moment to wax your sheet metal.

Now you can be sure that when you purchase tractor attachments for sale, they will be put to their best possible use with a tractor that is in good working order. Taking pride in your equipment yields satisfying results for your hard work that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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