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Trailer Axle Spindle Assembly, 10" L, 1,750 lb. Capacity

Replace your broken trailer spindle with this 10 inch trailer axle spindle. The spindle is 1-3/4 inches in diameter where it welds to your axle, and it has an inner bearing diameter of 1-3/8 inches and an outer bearing diameter of 1-1/16 inches. The spindle has a 1,750 lb. capacity.
Product Overview

This trailer axle spindle is 10 inches long and is 1-3/4 inches in diameter where the spindle welds to your axle. The inner bearing diameter is 1-3/8 inches and the outer bearing diameter is 1-1/16 inches. The maximum load capacity is 1,750 pounds. The spindle assembly comes with a cotter pin and nut.

  • Trailer axle spindle
  • Overall length: 10 In.
  • Diameter on weld end: 1-3/4 In.
  • Inner bearing diameter: 1-3/8 In.
  • Outer bearing diameter: 1-1/16 In.
  • Load capacity: 1,750 lbs.
  • Use two on a 3,500 Lb axle
  • ASC # 66666 hub assembly will fit this spindle
  • ASC # 103142 hub assembly will fit this spindle
  • For replacement nut, use ASC #25692
  • Comes with nut, washer, & cotter pin
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