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Trouble Lights

Be prepared in emergency or routine situations with Agri Supply’s selection of heavy-duty Trouble Lights. Ideal for cramped spaces like underneath car hoods or small working spaces, these trouble lights have superior visibility and come with additional features. Take a look at Agri Supply’s stock, including various sizes of Led Trouble Lights.

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18-2 Flood Clamp Lamp
image 18-2 Flood/Clamp Lamp with 6' ft. Cord
Item # 12653
$14.99 EA
Little Giant 10.5 Brooder Lamp 6 Cord 300w
image Little Giant® 10.5 Brooder Lamp, 6' Cord, 300 Watt
Item # 12657B
$14.99 EA
Clamp Light 150W
image 6 ft Clamp Light 150W
Item # 107899
$10.99 EA
Trouble Light W/ 25 ft Cord
image Trouble Light Holder with 25 ft Cord
Item # 107897
$24.99 EA
Trouble Light W/ 50 Cord
image Trouble Light Holder with 50 ft Cord
Item # 107898
$37.99 EA
Brooder Clamp Light 120v 250w
image Brooder Clamp Lamp, 10-1/2 Inches Reflector
Item # 12657A
$12.88 EA

Trouble lights from Agri Supply are important for any shop, basement or barn to get the light where you need it. We have work lights in a variety of styles to match the kind of work needs you have. Whether it's plug in wall lights or hanging lights, we have what your are looking for along with accessories such as sockets and cord storage. We even have brooder lamps to help you keep your animals strong and growing healthy.

We have trouble lights and trouble light handles for all your workshop needs. Our durable work lights will make the job easier because you will be able to see what you are doing.

Trouble lights you can hang from the rafters and trouble lights you can hang from the hood of your car are just a few of the workshop lights available from Agri Supply. We have work lights with clamps and metal guards so you can use them in rough conditions. Look for plug in wall lights with different lengths of cords and hanging lights with different styles of hooks. Our brooder lamps are ready to keep the hatching chickens warm or to hang in a stall.

We have LED trouble lights so you can save money while also getting a bright and reliable light. Our work lights come in as many different types of styles as you can find jobs for them. Get plug in wall lights for dark spaces or temporary work areas, and we have hanging lights for when you need an overhead workshop lights. Brooder lamps and garage lights are just some of the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home and garden.