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HI-RUN Tube 7.00/7.50R15/16LT (TR15CW) Light Truck, TUN3034

Item #16601
Inflate truck or trailer tires when necessary and retain the air pressure to improve their overall functioning longevity. This truck tube can be used with light radial truck tires. Constructed from heavy duty rubber these tubes are long lasting.
Product Overview

The Hi-Run Light Truck Inner Tube will fit any Light Truck tire that is 7.00/7.50R15/16LT size.


  • Tire Tube
  • Fits size: 7.00/7.50R 16
  • Inner tube with valve stem.
  • Made of quality butyl rubber
  • Fits 7.00/7.50R15/16LT
  • Valve stem: TR15CW
  • Application: Light Truck
  • Zero loss of air
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Longer life
  • 7.00/7.50R16, LR78-16, P265-75R16, P2154-85R16, 225-70R16, 225-8/5R16, 235-65R16, 235-70R16, 235-75R16, 235-85R16, 245-70R16, 245-75R16, 255-60R17, 255-70R16, 235-65R17, 245-70R16, 255-60R17, 225-70R16, 225-85R16, 235-65R16, 235-70R16, 235-75R16, 235-85R16, 245-70R16, 245-75R16, 255-60R17, 225-70R16, 255-85R16, 275-60R16, 265-70R16, 235-65R17, 265-60R17, 275-60R17, 285-60R17
  • Construction: Heavy duty rubber
  • Valve: TR150
  • Radial tire compatibility
  • Light radial truck
  • High air retention
  • Helps preserve tire wear

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