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#13 TURBO NOZZLE 3000# 5.0

Item #38356
#13 TURBO NOZZLE 3000# 5.0
Product Overview
  • Applications: use turbo nozzle to increase
  • Cleaning efficiency (up to 200%) of your
  • Pressure washer. this nozzle covers a larg-
  • Er area more quickly than other nozzles
  • Saving cleaning time & costs.
  • Installation: nozzle can be threaded directly
  • Onto 1/4" mnpt wand or for a quick/easy con-
  • Nection, use optional qd socket & plug set.
  • Note: using a turbo filter is recommended to
  • Prolong the service life of the nozzle. use
  • Teflon pipe tape on mnpt threads to ensure a
  • Leak-free connection.
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