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Using Box Blades for Leveling Projects – What to Expect

Indispensable for a wide variety of landscaping projects, box scraper blades are chiefly used for the important tasks of leveling the ground and spreading materials evenly. Those experienced with agricultural equipment and landscaping can use them to grade all kinds of surfaces, and to prepare the soil for a number of projects by removing obstructions and ripping into the surface of the land.

There are different kinds of box blades for sale, depending on the intended use. If you have taken the time to gain the necessary experience, and have the right equipment – mainly, a tractor with a hitch, of appropriate size and power for the box scraper blade you’re using - you can use your box blade to break up the soil and smooth it out for your next leveling project. Having practiced and become very familiar with your equipment, you’ll know how to raise and lower the shanks for each step of the task.

Even if you have all the appropriate equipment and have the confidence gained from plenty of practice using a box scraper blade, you’ll need to slow down and do some preparation before even starting up your tractor. This means walking over the area to do a visual inspection, and carefully mapping and marking the area to be leveled, as well as any areas to avoid while working for safety or preservation purposes.

Be prepared to raise and lower the shanks as needed for grading or ripping soil, and have the patience and persistence to cover the same area multiple times if needed. When used skillfully, you can expect box blades to take care of most of the work. To truly perfect your surface, though, you may choose to go in with a handheld rake for the finishing touches.

As always, keep your owner’s manual nearby at all times so you can refer to the safety and operating instructions as frequently as needed. Be continually mindful of your surroundings, checking for safety concerns (such as small children in the area) or anything that may compromise your equipment (such as an unexpected tree trunk or large root you may have missed when marking off the area).

With the right knowledge and expertise, and a little help from the experts at Agri Supply, you’re sure to find the right method for using a box blade to create a beautiful, functional surface you can be proud of.

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