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Utility Sprinkler Pumps

Whether you need a transfer pump for pressure boosting & dewatering, or as a simple sprinkler pump, Agri Supply has the Utility Sprinkler Pump you need. Ideal for home or farm applications, the Portable Sprinkler Pump has ½ horsepower and constructed with thermoplastic. Rely on the versatility of Agri Supply’s selection of Utility Sprinkler Pumps.

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Hp Self Priming Cast Pump Amt
image AMT® 2767-983-V5 3 HP, 2 inch; Self Priming Cast Pump
Item # 40882
$959.99 EA
Self Priming Electric Pump Hp
image Self Priming Electric Pump 2 HP 2"
Item # 40883
$919.99 EA
1-1/2 Hp Portable Lawn Pump
image 1-1/2 HP Portable Lawn Pump
Item # 121897
$129.99 EA
Portable Sprinkler Pump, 1/2 HP
image Portable Sprinkler Pump, 1/2 HP
Item # 35413
$369.99 EA