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Jerky Fixin's, Venison Teriyaki Mix, 2.28 Oz.

When it is time to make some jerky, try this ready to use teriyaki jerky mix. Made for venison and beef, this jerky mix has no preservatives.
Product Overview

The next time you are thinking about making jerky, grab a packet of Jerky Fixin's. The 2.28 oz. packet makes 3 lbs. of jerky. Whether you are making venison or beef jerky, this ready-to-use mix will add just the right amount of flavor.

Prepare your meat by removing all fat and gristle and cut into strips 1/4 in. thick. Mix 9 tablespoons of water, 1 packet of Jerky Fixin's, and 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and distribute through 3 lbs. of venison or beef. Cover your jerky mix and refrigerate for 5 hours or overnight. Proceed to use dehydrator or oven. This mix can also be combined with the jerky gun method using ground meat.

  • Wildlife Seasonings Jerky Fixin's
  • Teriyaki Jerky Mix
  • Use with beef or venison
  • Create delicious jerky with 1 packet
  • Cook with dehydrator, oven, or jerky gun
  • No preservatives
  • Makes 3 lbs. of jerky
  • Allergen: Soy, Wheat
Be sure to look at Agri Supply ® for more seasonings and sauces for enhancing your recipes.
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