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White Silicone Rubber Caulking

White Silicone Rubber Caulking
Product Overview
This Silicone White Rubber Sealant from DAP is an all-purpose, one component, and acetoxy cure sealant ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It provides a watertight, flexible seal that won't crack, crumble, or shrink. Once cured, it is unaffected by temperature extremes (-40 degrees F to 400 degrees F). It meets ASTM Specification C 920, Class 25, Type S, and Grade NS and has a 50 year durability guarantee. It applies smoothly and easily and adheres to non-oily woods, glass, most plastics and rubbers, most metals, painted surfaces, fiberglass, porcelain, ceramics, and canvas. It is ideal for caulking and sealing around windows and doors, vents and gutters, siding and trim, and molding.

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