AMDRO® Fire Ant Bait, 5 Lb.


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AMDRO® fire ant yard treatment bait is a granular fire ant bait that is spread across your lawn as a preventative treatment for fire ants. The bait is combined with an insect growth regulator. The insecticide is processed by the young ants and their byproducts are spread from ant to ant throughout the colony. The queen becomes sterile and no new ants are produced.

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Use AMDRO® fire ant yard bait to kill fire ants you can see and those you can not. This yard treatment bait is spread across your lawn and lures fire ants to take the bait back to their nests. The bait contains two active ingredients, hydramethylnon and (S)-methoprene, which are metabolic inhibitors and growth inhibitors.

The bait is digested by the young fire ants and the liquid by product is spread from ant to ant to queen. The queen becomes sterile and can not reproduce. Without new ants to forage for food, the fire ant colony will starve and die, thus eliminating the colony.


  • AMDRO® Fire Ant Yard Treatment Bait
  • Net contents: 5 lb.
  • Use as directed
  • For use with hand held, drop, and broadcast spreaders, see package for application rates
  • Active ingredients: Hydramethylnon - 0.0360% and (s)-Methoprene - 0.0172%
  • For treatment of visible and non visible fire ant mounds
  • For best results, apply in the early morning or late afternoon when fire ants are most active
  • Apply when the soil temperature is above 60° F
  • Do not apply when the ground is soaking wet or heavy rains are expected

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