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Use pesticides to control insects, bugs and rodents in and around your home, lawn and garden. At Agri Supply ®, we carry a wide variety of pesticides to control, eliminate, and prevent pests inside and outside of your home. We also carry a wide range of herbicides to rid your lawn and garden of unwanted weeds. We carry a wide selection of pesticides to address insects, fire ants, rats, roaches and more. We also have a wide variety of sprayers and spreaders to assist you in proper pesticide application.

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Fire Ant Bifen 1 Gallon
image Fire Ant Bifen 1 Gallon
Item # 111977
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$59.99 GL
Surrender Fire Ant Killer Insecticide
image Surrender ® Fire Ant Killer Insecticide
Item # 71408
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$17.99 EA
Amdro® Fire Ant Bait, 5 Lb.
image AMDRO® Fire Ant Bait, 5 Lb.
Item # 71364
$34.99 BG
In stores only
Indoor/Outdoor Pest Control, 13.3 % Permethrin, 1 Pt.
image Indoor/ Outdoor Pest Control, 13.3% Permethrin, 1 Pint
Item # 71311
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$17.99 EA
In stores only
permethrin 13.3% qt
image Permethrin 13.3% Quart Size
Item # 71312A
$27.99 EA
Sevin Liquid Concentrate 32 Oz.
image Sevin® Concentrate Bug Killer, 32 Oz.
Item # 109808
$17.99 EA
In stores only
Sulfur  Rattlesnake Brand™, 10 Lb.
image Sulfur, Rattlesnake Brand™, 10 Lb.
Item # 48325
$19.99 BG
In stores only
Spectracide Wasp & Hornet 20 Oz.
image Spectracide® Wasp & Hornet Killer 20 OZ.
Item # 112330
$4.49 CN
In stores only
terro ant killer shaker bag
image Terro® Ant Killer Plus Outdoor Granular with Easy-to-Use Shaker Bag
Item # 126472
$7.99 EA
In stores only
Lawn Insect Control, Tiger Brand, 20 Lb Bag
image Lawn Insect Control, Tiger Brand®, 20 Lb. Bag
Item # 29755
$29.99 BG
In stores only
Super 10 Garden & Pet Dust 10lb
image Super 10 Garden & Pet Dust, Tiger Brand®, 10 Lbs.
Item # 120157
$21.99 BG
In stores only
Sevin Lawn Insect Granules 20 lb.
image Sevin® Lawn Insect Granules, 20 Lbs.
Item # 109338
$19.99 EA
In stores only
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At Agri Supply®, we carry a variety of pesticides to address home, lawn, farm, and garden pest that natural measures cannot handle. We carry a wide selection of herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, algaecides and fungicides in several departments. In addition to liquid and granular pesticides, we carry other devices like night lights, traps, and fly strips to help.

Integrated pest management is a great approach to pest problems. If you are ever unsure of your pesticide selection, contact your local Department of Agriculture Extension Agent to learn more about pests in your area and what pesticide is your best solution.