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Anchor Stakes, 40 In. Rod, 4 In. Plate

Anchor stakes screw into the ground and can be used to support a variety of different structures. From holding pet tethers to standing as corner fence anchors, these stakes are very durable. This anchor stake measures 40 in. long with a 4 in. screw plate.
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Product Overview

Use several ground anchor stakes to support large structures like commercial canopy tents or car ports. Even use these for guying newly planted trees. The eye hole allows a pipe or tool to be inserted to screw the anchor stake deep into the ground, then a line or roped can be tied around the eye and back to the structure. The rod on this anchor stake measures 40 in. long and 1/2 in. thick. The 4 in. plate works as the drill when this stake is screwed into the ground. Overall this piece of equipmement is constructed from Q235 steel, and displays excellent longevity and strength with a verticle pull out strength of 1,266 lbs.

  • Anchor Stake
  • Rod length: 40 in.
  • Rod diameter: 1/2 in.
  • Plate length: 4 in.
  • Verticle pull-out strength: 1,266 lbs.
  • Construction: Q235 steel
  • Anchoring trees and fences
  • Used as tent stakes
  • Eye handle
  • Paint dipped finish
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