Quick Shades & Quick Shelters

Portable Canopies, Car Shelters, Canopy Shelters & Shade Shelters

Quick shelters from Agri Supply® have sturdy legs and cross bars with a roof, covered by a tarp and with the option of windowless side panels that close with Velcro. Portable shelters can be put up in your yard, at the campground or on the beach. Used as car shelters, they boast clearances from 78 inches to 90 inches. Canopy shelters are white and UV coated with steel tubing holding everything up, making these shade shelters both strong and lightweight.

Quick shelters from Agri Supply® are made of durable steel legs and roof lattice with a tarp attached to the top and side panels are also possible. These portable shelters can go up quickly and yet are sturdy and functional. Car shelters are a popular use for portable canopies, with several sizes available that vary not only in length and width but also height. Canopy shelters are good for camping, picnics, parties or storage protected from sun and rain.

Quick shelters have easy to replace parts, and we sell replacement covers and side panels for worn or damaged tarps. Portable shelters can be set up as shade shelters anywhere, with 18 feet by 20 feet a common size. Our car shelters are UV coated and made of steel tubing that is 2 inches round and ½ thick. Canopy shelters for summertime fun or winter protection (as long as it is not weighted down with snow) are just another of the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home, and garden.