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Bale Movers, Forks, & Carry Alls

Agri Supply ® has a wide selection of 3 point hay bale movers, front mount bale movers, as well as bale spears and other accessories to move round hay bales quickly and efficiently. We have a selection of high quality Bale Spears, Bale Spear Bushings, Conical Nuts, bale pallet forks and movers, bucket and front mount hay bale spear attachments. Our tapered bale spears are heat treated for longer lasting transportation of hay bales. Let us help you cut your bale moving time in half.

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3-Point Hay Bale Mover
image 3-Point Hay Bale Mover Category 1
Item # 88611
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$149.99 EA
Three Point Bale Spear
image Three Point Bale Spear
Item # 65054
$319.99 EA
Single Bale Spear
image Single Bale Spear
Item # 81346
$759.88 EA
Double Bale Spear
image Double Bale Spear
Item # 81347
$939.88 EA
Point Penetration Type Bale Spear
image 3-Point Penetration Type Bale Spear
Item # 48328
$449.88 EA
Point Bale Mover
image 3-Point Bale Mover 2,000 lb. Capacity
Item # 26058
$649.99 EA
T-handle F/84478 - Bft2000
image Replacement T-Handle For Skid Steer Loader Bucket Fork 84478
Item # 105599
$24.99 EA
Main Spear For ASC# 65054
image Main Center Bale Spear for ASC# 65054
Item # 86184
$139.99 EA
Hay Spear Non Adjustable
image Hay Spear Non Adjustable
Item # 36213
$389.99 EA

Sturdy bale spears are essential to moving hay around and keeping your livestock fed, and Agri Supply has the tractor equipment parts you need. We have hay bale sleeves, also known as bale spear bushings, as well to fit all sorts of farm implements. Have replacement bale spears handy so that your operation doesn’t grind to a halt with a snapped spear.

Bale spears available from Agri Supply range in size from 32 inches to 49 inches in ribbed and tapered styles. We have the hay bale sleeves as well so you can properly and securely mount bale spears on your farm implements. Get your replacement spears now before you snap one off and your work comes to a screaming halt, wasting your time. We have the farm equipment parts you need right down to the replacement bale spear nuts.