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Agri Supply carries utility carts that are collapsible and made of plastic or stainless steel, bushel baskets that are both usable and decorative, and steerable rolling garden seat for garden hobbyist or professionals. With 26,000 products, we are proud to stand behind our satisfaction guarantee.

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Large Cylinder Hand Truck, 440 Lb. Capacity
image Large Cylinder Hand Truck, 440 Lb. Capacity
Item # 90063
$124.99 EA
Rolling Seat Wheel To Fit 73717
image Replacement Wheel For Rolling Garden Seat; Fits 73717
Item # 104349
$11.99 EA
Dump Cart 750 lb. Folding Sides
image Utility Farm Garden Cart with Folding Sides 750 lb. Capacity
Item # 104221
$264.66 EA
Garden Cart Convertible Push Tow Type
image Garden Cart Convertible Push/Tow Type
Item # 45274
$249.99 EA
Poly Cart with Swivel Dump, 600 Lb. Capacity
image Poly Cart with Swivel Dump, 600 Lb. Capacity
Item # 78492
$309.99 EA
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Wooden baskets from Agri Supply are both decorative and practical, good for storage and display. We have basket covers for bushel baskets so you can stack the baskets or keep pests out. Use produce baskets for displaying goods in your store or an artful arrangement in your home. Apple baskets and other types of farm baskets lend a charming and traditional air to your home, making a unique decorating addition.

Wooden baskets come in a range of styles, sizes and shapes. Get matching basket covers for bushel baskets or peck baskets.

Wooden baskets come in different colors at Agri Supply, from a red to a natural wood, and in different styles, from squat and round to tall. Our basket covers also come in different styles and sizes, so you can choose between decorative and practical or get ones that do both. Use produce baskets for storing apples or displaying scarves, for hauling laundry or putting away toys. Apple baskets add a bit of farm feeling to any store or home.