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Bearing Buddy® Model 1810

The Bearing Buddy® with Auto Check 1810 is a trailer wheel bearing protector which fits a 1.810 in. opening. It provides a fast visual check for the lubricant level, hub pressure, and prevents overfill and damage to the hub seal.
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Product Overview
This trailer wheel bearing protector, the Bearing Buddy® with Auto Check 1810, fits a 1.810 in. opening. It offers a visual check for lubricant level and for internal hub pressure. The Bearing Buddy® comes with an auto pressure control feature. This helps to prevent overfill and also helps to avoid hub seal damage. Model 1810 is a chrome and brass Bearing Buddy® used for hubs with the following outer bearing cone numbers: LM-12749.

  • Bearing Buddy® with Auto Check 1810
  • Auto pressure control feature
  • Chrome and brass
  • Fits 1.810 in. bore hole diameter
  • Outer bearing cone: LM-12749
  • Outer bearing cup: LM-12711
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