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Bearing Buddy®

Bearing Buddy® sold by Agri Supply® is the perfect addition to your boat trailer, camping trailer, utility trailer or even your horse trailer. Agri Supply® is an exclusive supplier of the Bearing Buddy® and can help you get the size you need for any kind of trailer.

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Bearing Buddy®, 1980A
image Bearing Buddy®, 1980A
Item # 24126
$26.99 PR
Bearing Buddy® Bra 19B
image Vinyl Cover Bearing Buddy® Bra 19B
Item # 24137
$6.49 PR
Bearing Buddy® Bra 17B
image Bearing Buddy® Bra 17B Fits Models 1781 and 1810
Item # 29150
$6.49 PR
Bearing Buddy® Bra 23B
image Bearing Buddy® Bra 23B
Item # 29151
$6.49 PR
Bearing Buddy®, 1938
image Chrome and brass Bearing Buddy®, 1938
Item # 24128
$25.99 PR
Bearing Buddy®, 2047
image Bearing Buddy®, 2047
Item # 24138
$25.99 PR
Bearing Buddy®, 2562
image Bearing Buddy®, Bearing Protector, 2562
Item # 24130
$43.99 PR
Bearing Buddy®, 2441
image Bearing Protector Bearing Buddy®, 2441
Item # 24136
$38.99 PR
Bearing Buddy®, 2717 W/ Bra 23B
image Bearing Buddy®, 2717 W/ Bra 23B
Item # 58044
$41.99 PR
Bearing Buddy®, 1781
image Bearing Buddy®, 1781
Item # 24127
$24.99 PR
Bearing Buddy®, 2328
image Bearing Buddy® Trailer Bearings 2328
Item # 24129
$32.99 PR
Bearing Buddy®, 1810
image Bearing Buddy® Model 1810
Item # 24131
$24.99 PR

Hunt for your trailer Buddy Bearing® protectors and bras in the large trailer parts section at Agri Supply, and you're sure to find the cover that you want. Our Buddy Bearing® trailer bearing caps help keep the hub from overheating when hauling your trailer and we have several sizes to fit a variety of hubs. Find Bearing Buddy® bras as well as Buddy Bearing® protectors and these bras help to keep out even more dirt and water. And remember that our trailer parts section is just the start of the many products we offer and with 26,000 items for farm, shop and home and garden, we're known as the place with something for everyone for good reason.

With a handy trailer Bearing Buddy®, you'll see less heating on the hub when you haul your trailer. We stock these efficient trailer bearing caps as well as Bearing Buddy® bras which help keep the Bearing Buddy® clean and free of water.

Look for a trailer Bearing Buddy® among the wide assortment of trailer parts we have available at Agri Supply and you're sure to find one to fit your trailer's specifications. These handy trailer bearing caps reduce the amount of heat on your hubs and excessive heat can help destroy the bearings. With both Bearing Buddy® bras and a Bearing Buddy®, you're adding a layer of protection to your trailer's hubs and we have Buddy Bearing® products to fit a variety of hubs and outer bearing numbers. Along with these useful trailer parts we also stock electric brake controllers and trailer brake parts such as braking lining kits.

A trailer Bearing Buddy® can help keep out dirt and grease, and one model you might consider is our two-inch Buddy Bearing® protector made of heavy duty, translucent polycarbonate. These tough trailer bearing caps provide great impact resistance and corrosion protection while also allowing you to view grease levels. Like our Buddy Bearing ®bras, these caps are designed smartly, and this poly Bearing Buddy® also features a relief hole to prevent over-filling. After purchasing the trailer parts your trailer requires, check out the rest of our more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden.