Caroni Estate Mower, 93" Cut, Rear Discharge, Lift Type


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Made by Caroni, this 93 inch rear discharge mower is made to perform. The estate mower has 5 blades with a blade speed of 2630 RPM. The mower deck will adjust and you can obtain a cutting height from 1 to 4 inches. The efficient rear discharge is equipped with a safety deflector to prevent rocks and debris from flying.

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Choose this Caroni estate mower for a high quality cut. The rear discharge mower has a 93 inch cutting width. With category 1 hitch pins, four large tires, an adjustable deck height and a floating hitch system, this estate mower provides a smoother cut.

  • Caroni Estate Mower, 93 In. Cut, Rear Discharge, Lift Type
  • If cust needs part # 1450 oil seal use ASC 44527
  • Caroni Model TC 910NSRD
  • 710 lbs.
  • Cutting width: 93 in.
  • No. of blades: 5
  • Cutting height: 1 to 4 in.
  • Gearbox HP: 50
  • Required tractor power: 45/60 hp
  • PTO speed: 540 rpm (pto included)
  • Blade speed: 2630 rpm
  • Hitch: Category 1
  • Weight: 710 lbs.
  • Rear discharge mower
  • Accessible grease points: 9
  • Replacement PTO Shaft, ASC 54718
  • Replacement blades, ASC 28539
  • Mulching blade, ASC 55186
  • Belt Replacement: 21061 V-Belt Qty. (2) Required.
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Caroni TC910NSRD 93" CARONI ESTATE in Estate & Flail Mowers and Farm Machinery & Tractor Implements at Agri Supply ®.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars Old Caroni TC910NSRD GOING STRONG!!!


Bradley Chubb from NY wrote (June 23, 2020):

Over 20 years ago I bought a Caroni 93 when I bout a MF 135 to maintain my lawn and trails on a 68 acre property. Aside from normal cleaning, greasing, blade changing, new belts, gear box oil, and belt tensioning I have never had to do a thing to it. It still cuts grass like the day I bought it and it has been worked hard over some rough ground. Now I'm finally replacing a pulley bearing and a spindle shaft that I somehow stripped the threads on. If that's all it needs after all this time Then I'd say its one heck of a mower and highly recommend one to anyone else.

4 Stars I would buy it again.


Richard from TN wrote (May 04, 2020):

I bought the 93” Caroni about 3 years ago and I am still pleased with it. If you treat it right it will treat you right. The cut is fantastic and the overall construction is great. The only areas of improvement I can see it needs is in the wheel fork adjustment. I really don’t like their idea of changing the different shims to set your height but I can live with it. I would like for the pulley covers to cone off easier for cleaning but oh well. All the bearings can be greased and the zerks are easy to get to. Overall I am satisfied.

5 Stars Great for the price


Brewtech from VA wrote (April 16, 2020):

I have had this estate mower for a few years. It is worth every penny. The quality is great. It mows well. I pull it behind a 46hp tractor. One tip I would give is the retaining clips that come with the mower have came out on me. I have lost some spacers because of it. I feel like because I get close to shrubbery at times, they may hang the clip. So my fault and not the equipment. I would use a different clip/retainer. I have tried a few different ones from Agri and have not found the right one yet. But if you are looking for a nice mower to pull behind your tractor, I would definitely go with this.

4 Stars Like this mower!


Danny from NC wrote (May 14, 2019):

Wanted a mower wider than 84” to match my Ford 3930 that is a wide track. Mower matches tractor perfectly. After trimmer PTO shaft, I started mowing and the cut was great. I use this to mower a runway and it is perfect!

5 Stars Caroni Estate 93" finish mower


Howard Faith from IN wrote (August 30, 2015):

I had a 1995 Caroni 93" and wanted to replace it - bought a new one from AGRI Supply. The price was the best, the staff I dealt with (Brian Jackson ) was very helpful and knowledgeable with any questions I had.I am 100% satisfied - it was delivered 5 days early.Will make future purchases from AGRI Supply.

4 Stars Good finishing mower


Tim from GA wrote (August 12, 2015):

Very good finishing mower. The wheel assembly brackets could be a little beefier for rough yards and the mower should have a scalping wheel as standard equipment. I would definitely buy another Caroni product.

4 Stars 20 years and still mowing


JAC from OH wrote (August 01, 2015):

I mow approx. 20 acres every week and have owned a 71" and the 93". The 93" I have used for the last 20 years. I installed the pneumatic wheel system and that eliminated the hard shocking the deck sees and it stopped the deck fractures. I have replaced 3 of the 5 quills, dozens of blades and several wheel forks and one PTO shaft. Other than scalping (I installed the anti-scalping rollers).Overall, I am satisfied with the Caroni.

5 Stars Great Mower


Eddie from VA wrote (June 25, 2015):

I bought this mower this spring and love it. Wish i had got it a lot sooner it does a great job leaving my fields looking great I would tell anyone looking you can't go wrong with this mower

4 Stars


Dwight Miller from TN wrote (June 08, 2015):

I bought it to mow seven acres and make it look finished rather than bush hogged. I have used it for 20 years and had very little maintenance. I would buy another tomorrow if needed. Only negative is it wind rows the cut grass in lines behind each of the five blades. It would be perfect if I could figure out how to disperse the wind rows so they did not show after mowing. I mow weekly so it builds up as the mowing season is in process. I buy all my parts and supplies from Agri Supply.

4 Stars 91 inch mower


Kenny T from SC wrote (May 11, 2015):

cuts great . im cutting centipede , the wheels should be wider , they make tracks in the grass when the ground is a little damp. I have a 40 hp JD and its has plenty of power to turn it . If I would have designed it , I would have made a spring loaded idler pully to keep the belt tight .

5 Stars


D. W. Dozier from TN wrote (August 25, 2013):

I purchased this mower because of price. Now that I have used it this season I am sold on the Caroni 93" estate mower. The mower is mounted on a John Deere 3320 which is 32 hp. I have no strain whatsoever. I can pick it up with ease and probably the smaller blade design makes the mower much easier on the tractor than my old 6 ft mower. A fine buy.

5 Stars 91 inch mower


ken from IL wrote (June 07, 2013):

i have jd 4115 with 20 pto hp and it works great covers alot of ground fast

4 Stars Great Mower... Home Town Customer Service


Mark Howard from GA wrote (May 01, 2013):

Really a great mower... the 93" width has reduced my mowing time and the quality of cut if very good. I actually purchased this mower as I was considerably unhappy with the quality of cut that my cheaper China made mower was producing. Many thanks to Garner and to Statesboro for their time and efforts in helping me make the best decision on a mower for my needs. The Caroni and you guys rock!

4 Stars 91" Estate Mower


from NC wrote (April 15, 2013):

I purchased my first 91" Caroni in 1999. Over the years I've replaced the blades at regular intervals and the belts 4 times. It has been stored outside and I have a number of holes in the deck from rust, but the deck is still solid. I’ve also ripped a few wheels off. I’ve had to purchase 3 new wheel forks and 4 new tires too. I paid about $1300 for my 1999 model new, and overall I would estimate it has cost me about $175 per year to own the machine. That seems reasonable to me. My lawn is about 2 acres and the machine mows it relatively smooth. The one thing I find missing from my 1999 model is an anti-scalp rollers for the occasional high spot in the lawn. It does have pivoting lift-arm and top link connections which makes the 3 point hookup very quick and easy. I never changed or added any gear oil and I never found it to leak any either. I'll be purchasing another identical mower tomorrow because my 1999 model just grooved one of the idle-pulley shafts because it locked up. Probably from not ge

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