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Convection Heater, Propane, 80,000 BTUs

Whether outdoors or in a shed, garage, or shop, warmth is hard to achieve in the colder months. Use a propane trash can heater to achieve a 360° circle of warmth, so as to not have to move the heater every time you change location. This DURA HEAT® Convection Propane Heater can warm up to 80,000 BTUs within 1,900 square feet. Without the need of electricity and extension cords, this space heater only needs a propane cylinder to heat up and function.
Product Overview
Whether working in a garage, the back yard, or while camping, a space heater will keep you warm during the winter season. Made by DURA HEAT®, this Convection Propane Heater heats 360 degrees around it, and without the need of electricity. Built to last, this trash can heater only needs to hook up to a propane cylinder and can warm up to 80,000 BTUs inside an encircled 1,900 square feet area.
  • DURA HEAT® propane convection heater
  • Model LPC80
  • Fuel Type: Propane (LP) gas only
  • Dimensions: 15 in. L x 15 in. W x 16 in. H
  • 360° heating zone
  • 10 ft. hose and regulator included
  • Runs 17 hours on a 40 lb. cylinder
  • Temperature can be adjusted
  • No electricity required
  • Output: 80,000 BTUs
  • Not to be used on finished floors
  • Not to be used indoors
  • Heating Area: 1,900 square feet
  • Portable
  • Some assembly required
  • CSA certified
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