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Space Heaters

Staying warm inside and out becomes a task during those cold winter nights. Agri Supply® carries kerosene heaters, outdoor restaurant style heaters, convection heaters, barrel heaters and parts to keep your heater running. With a variety of styles of heaters, Agri Supply® has just what you need for the location you need it at.

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Milkhouse Style Electric Heater, Grounded Plug
image Milkhouse Style Electric Heater, Grounded Plug
Item # 88346
$39.99 EA
Dura Heat Electric Forced Air
image Dura Heat Electric Forced Air
Item # 90774
$74.99 EA
Convection Heater, Propane, 80,000 BTUs
image Convection Heater, Propane, 80,000 BTUs
Item # 58241
$129.99 EA
Duraheat® Forced Air Heater, 240V
image Duraheat® Forced Air Heater, 240V
Item # 103524
$114.99 EA
Oscillating White Ceramic Heater
image Oscillating White Ceramic Heater
Item # 88347
$34.99 EA
Grate for Barrel Stove
image Outdoor Camp Stove Grate
Item # 102083
$57.88 EA
big portable propane heater
image Mr. Heater® Big Buddy Heater 18,000 BTU
Item # 124137
$139.99 EA
Double Barrel Stove Adapter Kit
image Double Barrel Camp Stove Adapter Kit
Item # 83311
$33.88 EA
Silver Hammered Patio Heater with Cover & Table 48,000 BTU
image Silver Hammered Patio Heater with Cover & Table 48,000 BTU
Item # 111381A
$129.99 EA
1500w infrared shop heater
image 1500W Infrared Shop Heater
Item # 131281
$99.99 EA
Portable Electric Heater 5120 BTU
image Portable Electric Forced Heater, 5120 BTU
Item # 116824
$39.99 EA
220v Electric Heater 34 120 btu
image Dura Heat® 220V Electric Garage &Utility Heater, 120 BTU
Item # 116825
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$239.99 EA
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You'll find convection heaters and space heaters in abundance at Agri Supply to keep your interior rooms, basements and garages warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. Check out our tank top heaters that are ideal for heating any exterior area, too. Oil filled radiant heaters are a popular choice for their steady heat production and quiet operation. We carry utility heaters and much, much more in our catalog of more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden.

Our convection heaters make it easy to stay warm in a chilly bedroom, basement or garage. Select tank top heaters to crank out the heat in exterior spaces where you need some warmth.

We have convection heaters at Agri Supply that are ideal for quickly and efficiently heating almost any room in the house. You'll find tank top heaters, too, designed to warm up outdoor spaces on a chilly night. Oil filled radiant heaters are popular for their extremely quiet operation and excellent heat distribution. Whether you seek utility heaters or other types of space heaters, these products help keep bedrooms, garages and basements warm and comfortable.

These convection heaters feature a range of settings so you can dial in the perfect amount of heat no matter the size of the room. Convenient tank top heaters mount directly to the top of a propane cylinder and can kick out some serious heat. Remember, our oil filled radiant heaters and convection space heaters are automatically covered by our one-year guarantee. Yes, we cover utility heaters and all of our non-perishable products a full year from the purchase date, regardless of the manufacturer's guarantee.