Deep Massage Comb


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This plastic curry comb is designed to help remove deep set in dirt on your horse's hair. It is an efficient horse grooming comb and can also be used to run through tangled or matted tails. With an adjustable hand strap, you can create your best secure grip size.

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A type of curry comb, this plastic constructed deep massage comb is best to be used on the main body of a horse. It may to harsh to be used on the face or legs, but generally softer rubber constructed combs are suitable for those areas. This plastic curry comb helps get out larger pieces of dirt and loose hairs on the surface. Just adjust the hand strap to your liking for grooming sessions. The flexible bristles allow you to remove the grime in between grooms for a clean start each time. This curry comb comes in red or blue.

  • Deep Massage Comb
  • Flexible bristles
  • Removes loose hair and dirt
  • Hand strap is adjustable
  • Grooming equipment

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