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Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Grooming along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

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tote carry caddy gray
image Tuff Stuff Products™ TX-GY Tote Carry Caddy Gray
Item # 121859
$11.99 EA
tote carry caddy blue
image Tuff Stuff Products™ TX-BL Tote Carry Caddy Blue
Item # 121860
$11.99 EA
tote carry caddy red
image Tuff Stuff Products™ TX-RD Tote Carry Caddy Red
Item # 121861
$11.99 EA
Scotch Type Curling Comb
Item # 16708
$17.99 EA
Dtss Red Dura Tote Stool
image Little Giant® DuraTote Stool and Tote Box DTSSRED
Item # 76458
$45.99 EA
Flexible Curry Comb Decker Number 33-F
image Flexible Curry Comb Decker Number 33-F
Item # 16709
$8.99 EA
Curry Comb Decker 15-S
image Curry Comb Decker 15-S
Item # 16706
$9.49 EA
Hoof Pick, 5-1/2 In.
image Hoof Pick, 5-1/2 In.
Item # 16710
$2.99 EA
Grooming Brush Very Soft White Synthetic Bristled Full Size Handle
image Grooming Brush Very Soft White Synthetic Bristled Full Size Handle
Item # 38469
$11.99 EA
Grooming Brush Stiff Natural Palymyra Bristle Oval Handle w/Strap
image Grooming Brush Stiff Natural Palmyra Bristle Oval Handle w/Strap
Item # 38470
$11.99 EA
Deep Massage Comb
image Deep Massage Comb
Item # 45268
$3.49 EA
Mini-Flex Comb Rubber Decker Number M-83
image Mini-Flex Comb Rubber Decker Number M-83
Item # 45269
$3.99 EA

With livestock grooming, don't forget the hooves, and Agri Supply has hoof trimming knives and hoof picks for cleaning. Grooming tools such as a Decker body sponge and a show ring brush can get you ready for rodeo, fair or sale. We have everyday grooming brushes with grip fit or palm strap and soft synthetic bristles. With your grooming combs, use a shedder-scraper single blade to really prepare the coat or one of our varieties of curry combs.

Your livestock grooming for show, sale or personal use means you want your animal to look its best. Our grooming tools help you care for your animal and keep its coat and hooves healthy.

Livestock grooming for show, for sale or just for regular care requires specialized tools, and Agri Supply has a full selection. Grooming tools such as a metal hoof pick with a rubber coated handle are used to clean dirt, rocks and mud from horses' hooves. Check out grooming brushes with extra soft synthetic bristles and grip fit handles or palm straps. Choices for grooming combs for horse grooming include a regular curry comb or flexible curry comb and don't forget the 6 bar mane comb.

Make your live stock grooming easier with a grooming set with a durable duck canvas carry bag. Our livestock supplies include useful items such as super groom wands and deep massage combs as well as mini combs. And your farm supply won't be complete without a red dura tote stool to carry your tools and then give you a boost for reaching manes or tails or ears. Grooming tools are just a small part of the more than 26,000 products available for farm, shop, home, and garden.