Evolved Habitats Deer Co-Cain Block, 4 lbs.


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Deer co-Cain attracts deer by releasing a mineral vapor trail. Outdoor moisture activates the minerals with a time release design. Once you establish a supplemental site, you should not need to reapply for at least 60 days.

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Federal, State, and Local wildlife regulations should be followed for the use of feeders and food supplements.

Place one or two blocks in a bare spot at least 4 feet in diameter that you have chosen for a mineral site and the deer will be attracted by mineral vapors activated by rainfall and outdoor moisture. Seeking nutrients for rack development, bucks will lick, paw, and consume the minerals. Once bucks have located the Deer co-Cain position, they will mark it by rubbing, scraping and rolling. This behavior will naturally attract more deer. Over time, the large deer wallow created from your Deer Co-Cain site will help you pattern deer throughout the year.

Pick the right location for your Deer co-Cain site by considering shaded areas 10 feet off active deer trails and the soil type. Heavier clay will hold minerals longer than sandy soils. For instant results, use with Deer co-Cain Mix or Deer co-Cain Liquid.

  • Evolved Habitats Deer co-Cain
  • 4 lb. block
  • Powerful, habit forming deer attractant
  • Time-release attractant
  • Designed to release a mineral vapor trail after rainfall
  • Beneficial nutrients for deer
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  DEER CO-CAIN BLOCK 4LB. in Wildlife Attractants and Hunting Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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