Wildlife Attractants

Looking for a wide array of Wildlife Attractant products to either mask your scent or attract your prey? Check out Agri Supply’s selection of animal feeds, including 7 gallon bucket deer feeder or Buckmasters Feeding Frenzy—designed to attract deer every time. Or browse our variety of scent-masking products, including Agri Supply’s Heavy-duty Boot scent pads allowing you to lay down cover scent as you walk.

Deer attractants at Agri Supply include deer lure and deer hunting scents that will prove reliable season after season. We also have wildlife attractants to lure other animals, and these include our grain-based mixes to encourage regular foraging by wild animals. Other deer attractants we offer includes mixes to pour on stumps, which deer enjoy licking. We carry deer hunting scents formulated to smell like does, so bucks are attracted.

We have deer attractants in a range of formulas, including deer lures and deer hunting scents. You'll find other wildlife attractants that encourage regular foraging by wild animals.

When you want deer attractants that will reliably lure deer to chosen spots season after season, search the hunting supplies section at Agri Supply. We have wildlife attractants formulated specifically for deer, including our deer lures and wild game mixes. Our deer lures section features grain-based mixes made to create food plots to encourage regular foraging in that spot. We also stock deer hunting scents that include the scent, wick, and delivery system all in one.

Choose deer attractants such as our deer hunting scents because these attractants are biodegradable but last for several days. We offer wildlife attractants to lure other animals, and these attractants can include wild boar lures and lures to attract bear. Our deer attractants section features lures designed to pour over stumps to encourage licking and chewing by deer. After purchasing your deer hunting scents or other deer attractants, be sure to investigate many more of our more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home, and garden.