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Deer Corn, Shelled, 40 Lb. Bag

Item #83042
Feeding deer corn is often used as a supplemental wildlife food source. This deer corn is shelled, and it provides excellent nutrition and energy for deer. The net content of this bag is 40 lbs.
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Product Overview

Visit one of our retail locations to invest in your deer corn bags. At 40 lbs. per bag, this deer corn is a supplemental source of feed for wildlife. Corn provides an exemplary amount of nutrition high in energy, when eaten in moderation. This deer corn is shelled and can fit in one of our many feeders we offer here at Agri Supply®. Corn is a perishable item that should be stored in a container with a lid, to preserve and protect it from insects and rodents. keep the container in a cool dry area to prevent the deer corn from molding. Molded or infested deer corn is considered to be contaminated and it cannot be fed to wildlife.

  • Deer Corn
  • Shelled corn
  • 40 lb. bag
  • Corn is perishable
  • Store with sealed lid in cool dry location
  • Never feed corn that has been infested or molded
  • Sold in stores only
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