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Dog & Cat Health Products

Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Dog & Cat Health Products along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

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Nail Clipper Standard Size for Small/Medium Dogs
image Small / Medium Dog Nail Clipper
Item # 111127
$14.99 EA
BaconD With Chicken, 6oz
image Pet-N-Shape Bacon'd with Chicken Strips, 6 Oz.
Item # 116067
$6.88 EA
In stores only
Beef Lung Slices, 9 Oz.
image Pet-N-Shape Beef Lungs Slices, 9 Oz.
Item # 116070
$19.99 EA
In stores only
Chicken Jerky Stix 4 Oz.,
image Pet-N-Shape Chicken Jerky Stix, 4 Oz.
Item # 116071
$5.88 EA
In stores only
ChikN Breast, 12 Oz.
image Pet-N-Shape Chik'N Breast, 12 Oz.
Item # 116073
$21.99 EA
In stores only
ChikN Skewers, 16 Oz (ounces)
image Pet-N-Shape Chik'N Skewers, 16 Oz.
Item # 116074
$22.99 EA
In stores only
ChikN Sweet Potato Stix 3.5 Oz.
image Pet-N-Shape Chik'N Sweet Potato Stick, 3.5 Oz.
Item # 116075
$6.88 EA
In stores only
ChikN Sweet Potatos Strips 14 Oz.
image Pet-N-Shape Chik'N Sweet Potato Stick, 14 Oz.
Item # 116076
$18.88 EA
In stores only
Ora-bone Treat Medium
image Ora-Bone™ Treat, Medium
Item # 117779
$1.99 EA
In stores only
Small Gobble Stopper Insert
image Small Gobble Stopper™ Insert
Item # 117793
$6.88 EA
In stores only
Medium Gobble Stopper Insert
image Medium Gobble Stopper™ Insert
Item # 117794
$9.99 EA
In stores only
Ora-bone Treat Large
image 2.3 Oz. Ora-Bone™ Treat, Large
Item # 117780
$2.99 EA
In stores only
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When it's time for pet health products that you can count on to make your dog, cat, or horse well, come to Agri Supply. Our extensive pet health supplies department includes many tools and medications for your pets. For example, our medical pet supplies feature ear mite killers, flea shampoos, and red blood cell replacement formulas specifically created for dogs. Let us be the pet supply store that tends to the needs of all of your pets and livestock.

Find pet health products that are effective and a great value at Agri Supply. We carry pet health supplies for both pets and livestock.

The pet health products within the pet supply store at Agri Supply are a wide assortment of medicines, tools and preventive measures for maintaining the health and happiness of your pets and livestock. Many of the pet health supplies available are medicines to neutralize ear mites, fleas, mange, and to dress wounds in both dogs and horses. Search through our pet supplies and you'll also see that we offer a range of preventative balms, lotions and vitamins to keep your pets in great condition. Our pet supply store even carries vita-tabs that are liver-flavored so they go down easily for your cats or dogs.

When you buy pet health products from our pet supplies section, you're buying peace of mind. That's because the quality pet health supplies we offer are from top brands and they're proven effective pet health products. Among our pet supplies, you'll encounter a good selection of pet brushes and trimmers for your dog, cat and horse grooming needs. Our pet supply store is merely the beginning of our more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden.