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This solar electric fence charger is low impedance. The solar panel uses the sun's power to charge the 6 Volt battery that is included. This fence charger can cover up to 25 miles of fence with a pulse of 1.4 joules.

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This solar electric fence charger runs off of a 6 Volt battery that is recharged by the sun. The powerful solar panel is state-of-the-art and can even charge the battery on a cloudy day. The 6 volt battery can operate for up to 21 days in total darkness.

This electric charger has a powerful impedance design and is ideal for small to medium pastures containing cattle, horses or pigs. The charger can energize up to 25 miles of fencing. The shock output is 1.4 joules. For optimum results - Position Solar Panel due South;- consider using 3 ground rods ASC # 31581 with rod clamps ASC # 72742 at proper spacing per MFG instructions. Prior to use or after prolonged storage, let charge outside 5 full sunny days with the switch in the off position to bring the internal battery to a full charge.


  • Deluxe Field Solar - Pak 6
  • Model DF-SP-LI
  • 6 Volt solar / battery operated electric fence charger
  • Weatherproof outdoor model
  • Charges up to 25 miles of fence line
  • Shock output: 1.4 Joules
  • Computer controlled circuitry
  • Sealed rechargeable 6 volt battery included
  • For small to medium pasture use
  • Digital voltage meter
  • UL listed
  • 2 Year lightning strike warranty
  • Replacement Battery 29013 6V Battery for DF-SP-LI Fence Charger
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  SOLAR FENCER PARKER MCCRORY in Electric Fence Controllers and Fencing at Agri Supply ®.

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