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Agri Supply has a large selection of insulator lines made of UV resistant materials and other electric fence materials with poly wire, poly tape, and poly rope options for temporary fencing or steel wire for more permanent fencing.

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Western Screw Tight T Post Insulator (25 Per Bag)
image Western Screw Tight T Post Insulator Yellow (25 Per Bag)
Item # 28707
$14.99 PK
Lock Jawz T-Post Insulator 25 Pack
image Lock Jawz T-Post Insulator, 25 Pack, Orange
Item # 116944
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$15.99 PK
Polywire, 6-Strand, 1,650 Ft. Long
image Polywire, 6-Strand, 1,650 Ft. Long
Item # 72648
$83.99 EA
Pinlock Insulator For Posts Per Bag
image Pinlock Insulator For T Posts
Item # 33414
$11.99 PK
Screw Tight Insulator Yellow Bag
image Screw-Tight Insulator Yellow 25 / Bag
Item # 11345
$9.99 PK
Equine Fencing Rope, 600 Ft.
image Equine Fencing Rope, 600 Ft.
Item # 58990
$92.99 RL
T Post Insulator, Pack of 25
image T Post Insulator, Pack of 25
Item # 11342
$7.49 PK
Insulator For Wood Pst Yellow Bag
image Insulator For Wood Post Yellow 25 P/ Bag
Item # 11343
$8.49 PK
Wood Post Screw In Insulator Pcs
Item # 32408
$9.99 BG
Electric Fence Insulator Per Bag
image Electric Fence Insulator 25 Per Bag
Item # 11339
$5.99 PK
Pm Mv Polytape White Strand
image FENCE POLYTAPE 1/2" 1320' 6 STRAND
Item # 52068
$42.99 RL
Polywire Strand Maximum Voltage White With Yellow Stripe
image Maximum Voltage Polywire 1320 ft. 9-Strand
Item # 38543
$45.99 EA
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Fence insulators from Agri Supply will fit any kind of post or stake you might want to build your fence out of and you can even attach it to barns or garage walls. Electric fence insulators snap on, clip on, screw on and nail in. In addition to T post insulators and knob insulators, we have farm fencing supplies such as insulated tubing, fence lights and outriggers. We have fence materials to keep your livestock securely fenced in or your garden protected from grazing animals.

Fence insulators are sold in affordable bags of 10 or more. Pick the electric fence insulators for the kind of fence you are running and the posts you are using.

Fence insulators from Agri Supply allow you to attach electric fence lines to posts, stakes and other fences. We have electric fence insulators in dozens of styles so you can get the farm fencing supplies you need for the kind of fence you are running. We have screw-tight T post insulators, as well as T post insulators that snap on and around T posts. Our corner knob insulators come 10 to a bag in different styles.

We have fence insulators that will screw into wood posts and clip onto chain link fences as well as wrap around insulators. Replace electric fence insulators to keep your fence working or upgrade to better insulators for attaching to posts or stakes. Our T post insulators range from snug insulators that fit right against the post to 5-inch extension T post insulators. Fence materials are part of our effort to bring more than 26,000 items to you for your farm, shop, home or garden.