Evolved Habitats Hog Wild Bait, 4 Lb.


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Attract wild beasts with this hog wild bait made with crushed berry and molasses flavors. The hog bait can be added to grains or corn to attract deer, bear, and hogs. This hog bait is easy to use, simply spread over a ten foot area where hogs are seen.

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Federal, State and Local wildlife regulations should be followed for the use of feeders and food supplements.

Hog wild bait can be mixed with up to 50 lbs. of corn. To use the mixture with the post hole digger method, fill a 3 ft. deep hole and the hogs will come and create a large wallow, pushing dirt around to gain access to the hog attractant. Hog Wild can also be used with deer corn, or to attract bear.

  • Evolved Habitats Hot Wild Bait
  • Wild beast attractant
  • Crushed berries and molasses flavors
  • Use straight, in a trap, or mixed
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