Fill-Rite® Fuel Pumps, Nozzles, & Meters

Agri Supply® features Fill-Rite ®, who heads the world in Made in the USA fuel transfer pumps and related accessories such as meters, hoses, nozzles, filters and more. Their pumps are ideal for use with Fuel Management Systems (FMS) concerning tractors, trucks, and more. Fill-Rite® has a versatile line of DC fuel transfer pumps available with flows ranging from 13 GPM to the industrys best flow of 25 GPM. Fill-Rite ® also manufactures meters which are ideal for in-line use or they can be mounted to a rotary vane or diaphragm pump.

Experience Agri Supply’s power and reliability with our huge selection of Fill-Rite fuel pumps & nozzles. Fill-Rite, known for its commitment to excellence, builds the industry’s best fuel transfer pumps and accessories. Our fuel pumps are compatible with gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oils, hydraulic oils, and lube oils, which include nozzle spouts and brackets for padlocking. Whether you’re looking for a piston hand pump, a rotary hand pump, or a fuel transfer pump, Agri Supply has the fuel pump & nozzle you need.