Agmate® Finishing Mower, 6' Rear Discharge, 6FMOWR


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This Agmate® finishing mower is ideal for large lawns or golf courses. The 6 ft. 3-point mower has a 71.65 in. cutting width with a 42 in. rear discharge to make cutting your lawn easier.

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Due to the size and/or weight of this product, it must be shipped via Motor Freight Truck only. Someone must be present for delivery.

This Agmate® 6 foot finishing mower will allow close mowing to shrubs and buildings for faster yard maintenance. Either side may be used for close trimming, which is a feature that is not available on side discharge systems. The rear discharge gives you an advantage for eliminating grass buildup in uncut areas; it also reduces blade wear and fuel costs.

The high lift blades lift the grass and cut it cleanly. It then discharges the cut grass neatly to the rear of the mower path. The 42 inch discharge throat provides an almost unobstructed flow of cut material and the chain guard allows the grass to be safely and smoothly discharged.

This 3-point mower has 4 caster gauge wheels that adjust the cutting height and allow the deck to float with the ground contour. The solid rubber flotation tires are not affected by punctures or tire pressure loss, ensuring an even cut every time.

The finishing mower has 3 belt driven blades with a chain guard. The mower has category 1 hitch pins installed, and a quick coupler PTO driveline shaft is included. The recommended tractor HP for this mower is 22 to 50.


  • Agmate® EM6
  • 6 foot finishing mower
  • PTO drive: 540 RPM
  • Recommended tractor horsepower: 22 to 50
  • Overall width: 72.44"
  • Measurement from front to rear: (outside of wheel to outside of wheel) 59"
  • Cutting width: 71.65"
  • Cutting height: 1.38" - 4.53"
  • Weight: 546 lbs.
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Deck thickness: 9.5 gauge (3.5 mm)
  • Gearbox HP: 45
  • PTO driveline: series 4
  • Blade thickness: 1/4"
  • Category 1 free floating hitch
  • Gauge wheel: 3" wide x 8" tall (standard duty)
  • Gearbox Ratio: 1:2.83 with cast iron housing
  • Blade Speed: 71 m/s; 2,223 RPM
  • Rear discharge width: 42 inches
  • PTO driveline shaft included; wider mower
  • For Axle Bolt use ASC # 69637
  • Use ASC #68196 replacement blades
  • Use a pair of ASC #68197 V-belts
  • Use ASC #83779 as replacement wheel
  • Replacement wheel fork, ASC #69627
  • Replacement wheel spacer, ASC #69622
  • For replacement spindle assembly use ASC # 78582
  • Replacement PTO shaft use ASC # 54718

Agmate 6' FINISHING MOWER 3 POINT in Estate & Flail Mowers and Farm Machinery & Tractor Implements at Agri Supply ®.

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5 Stars Good value


Tom Golden from NY wrote (June 12, 2020):

Purchased this mower to replace a failing belly mower on a New Holland 1620. Shipping was quicker than expected and the unit arrived in good condition. It came greased and with oil in the gearbox ready to mow. Only issue was missing spacers and pin on one wheel, most likely during shipping. Called customer service the next day and replacements are on the way. The main reason I chose AGRI Supply was because of the positive customer service reviews, and based on my experiences from the order, delivery and my call to replace the parts, I made the right choice.



Robert S. from OH wrote (July 31, 2019):

Purchased the mower deck 2 weeks ago and it was delivered on time, undamaged with all parts delivered as promised. Oil was already serviced in the gearbox, grease fittings filled, etc., and ready to assemble drive shaft to tractor and mower gearbox. Had to make a 4-inch cut on the drive shaft because they give you extra length to accommodate all types of tractors. No problem. Adjusted the height of the wheels with supplied spacers, but replaced the existing pins with heavy duty cotter pin types so they wouldn't come off. Otherwise, perfect cutting machine, nice finishing job on lawn. I cut 4 acres in about two hours. Runs smoothly and not a lot of noise. Good price for such a heavy duty, quality mower. I noticed that replacement parts are reasonably priced. Recommend this as a replacement mower which is what I did for a 5 ft. Woods mower. Customer service representative Susan was terrific on the phone answering any questions.

5 Stars Solid unit well built and assembled


Doug P from CT wrote (August 14, 2017):

I received my 6' mower.It was assembled and oiled and greased.All I had to do was hook up the pto shaft and mow.The steel is a heavy gauge and the paint is ok.It runs smooth and quiet.The casters have grease fittings as well.Its a great mower for the price same construction as the ones that cost twice as much.

5 Stars No complaints


Dr. V from WA wrote (July 07, 2017):

Have really enjoyed this mower. Kept up with the maintenance and it has not let me down.

5 Stars I love this mower


SH from wrote (May 05, 2017):

This mower is very quiet and easy to pull. I am pulling the 6ft model behind a John Deere 855, 24 hp engine, 19 hp PTO tractor. I have my wheels set narrow so it sticks out a good bit from my wheel width. You have to be careful not to catch it on anything and so far I haven't. It will mow as close as you dare. The grass is just starting to grow good so I haven't pulled it through anything thick yet but it doesn't seem to load my PTO at all when I engage it so I don't suspect any problems. I have pulled it through some overgrown Bahia grass but I think early season is less thick. The mower and tractor slowed or displayed any lagging. I did have to go over that twice to get a decent cut but it was about 3 ft high before I started.

5 Stars Agmate 6' Finishing Mower


Mitchell Frye from SC wrote (August 09, 2016):

I have been looking for a finishing mower for some time. Pricing on some of the more well known mowers was outlandish. I picked this mower up from Florence, and in less than an hour of getting it home, I was cutting grass. I have been mowing for a couple of weeks with no issues. The mower does not like tall heavy Bahia Grass, but nothing does....not even a bush hog. Well pleased with this purchase!!!

5 Stars Great Product & Great Service


Jeff G. Inverness FL from FL wrote (August 08, 2016):

I bought this mower deck to help cutt our 3.5 acres in one day. The Mrs & I would use two riders. Hooked it up to my MF-240 and at a low speed knocked out the job in 1 1/2 hours. Everything was assembled when I picked it up. Cuts great. I would suggest replacing the pins for the wheels with bolts as others mentioned. Everyone at the store was very helpful and friendly. The wife loves the way it cuts the lawn. Thanks!!!!!

5 Stars Great mower. Awesome customer service


Big Shane from MS wrote (July 20, 2016):

I just bought and received the 6ft finishing mower. I used it this weekend to mow 4.5 acres of overgrown damp grass. The mower performed great. I pulled it behind a JD 3032E and had no problems. What really impressed me though was the customer service. When I received the mower it was missing a lynch pin and a grease fitting on two different wheel assemblies. No big deal to me, I had spares at the house anyway. Well I emailed customer service to let them know I was very happy with the mower and I mentioned it was missing the lynch pin and grease fitting when it came off the truck. No big deal, these things happen with large freight shipments. The next day I get an email from customer service saying they have shipped me the missing parts and apologized for the inconvenience. WOW....I was blown away. Probably not 2 bucks worth of parts and it probably cost them more than that to ship it to me. I will buy from these folks again.

5 Stars Good mower Great price


James Wms from GA wrote (April 17, 2016):

Bought the 6 ft mower last month ,they have switched over to a builder that builds a good mower ,this thing cuts as good as any out there, its runs quiet cuts the tall tough grass with no problems.

5 Stars Mower Arrived Today


Shawn Darby from OH wrote (July 02, 2015):

I was searching for a rear discharge mower when I found this one. The price is far better than any thing else I found even considering $200 in freight. So I read reviews and heard how Agri Supply stood behind their product and customers. So I bought it, I was told 3 day delivery and 3 days later I have it. The crating was all broken up when I received it, at the same time the mower was just fine. The mower was greased and had oil in the gear box. I backed in my New Holland Tractor and hooked her up and set out to mow 4 acres that was over grown due to the non stop rain. I went slower than normal considering the height & moisture in the grass and it handled it very well. I was done in just over two hours. This mower is a smooth, well balanced deck that just purrs. It made as well as the big names for a lot less money. Do yourself a favor and consider one of these.

5 Stars Integrity


Maurice R. Clark from WA wrote (April 15, 2015):

Integrity and Self Respect- You either have it or you don't, but for a corporation, integrity has to be a personal commitment from the top. As a company grows, integrity has to be there from the beginning so that new employees see it as a core value. Integrity and Customer Service, in the truest sense, are practiced, not merely pretty words in corporate mottos and advertising. Everybody screws up occasionally, but it is what happens aftewards that brings core values into application. Agri Supply has integrity! They made a big, costly mistake, and owned up to it immediately. They addressed the issue, corrected the problem, and management followed through with constant contact until it was completely resolved. They have my business and I am 3000 miles from their nearest store. Integrity- is that rare! Maury Clark

5 Stars Epitome of customer service.


Bob Setzer from AL wrote (August 27, 2014):

I use the mower to cut around and in a 6 acre pecan orchard. It is not a great mower, it's just OK, but the price makes it a fair deal. I purchased the 7ft. Agri-Mate first and had several problems which couldn't be fixed because of changes the manufacturer had made. Because a newer 7ft wasn't available I excepted the 6" with refund for the difference. The reason I gave it 5 stars instead of 4 or 3 is due to the outstanding customer service. I have been doing business with Agri Supply for several years and I can honestly say that I have never experienced better customer service than I have from Agri Supply. Rachel Williams and her crew at the Valdosta, GA store did everything possible to make the situation right.Thanks Ahri Supply.

5 Stars Nice mower for the money


John McRae from NC wrote (August 07, 2014):

I bought this mower to take the pressure off my JD 325 lawn tractor. I mow about three-four acres per week. This mower is on my JD 3032 tractor. The mower was ready to go to work as soon as I attached it and adjusted the mowing height. Mowing Bahia I must go slow but does a good job. Mowing other grasses it does fine. Is as good as the caroni brand and a lot cheaper than Deere.

5 Stars Ag mate 6ft mower


Michael G from SC wrote (July 31, 2014):

I bought this mower on 7-26-14 and I've cut about 5 acres since I've purchased it.This mower cuts very good it's quiet.I would put this mower against the big name brand mowers any day.I am amazed with the rear discharge it spreads the clipping nice and evenly there is one thing I would like to have and that is a anti scalp roller for the front I don't know if there is one available overall I would recommend this mower to anyone looking for a good mower.I live about 100 miles from the Florence sc store I call them and told them I was on the way to get one and the very friendly staff put one on hold for me thanks agri supply

5 Stars Agmate 6 ft mower


Retired with property to mow. from WA wrote (July 17, 2014):

The machine is well made, I am well pleased. I would purchase this machine again in a heart beat. I purchased this from Agri Supply.

5 Stars nice mower

George Peters from wrote (April 13, 2014):

Mower arrived well packed in great condition. I found the mower to be prepped and ready to cut when I uncrated it. Already greased and the gearbox full of oil! Did not have to do a single thing other than hook up and mow. It works great and is perfect power match for my new Massey Ferguson 1533. I always am pleased with Agri Supply.

5 Stars Follow up review


Bill from MD wrote (November 21, 2013):

Follow on review from my November 8 review; as i stated the only issue i had was some chunks of rubber missing from the wheels after a season of mowing. i just recieved 4 new and improved replacement wheels from ASC. you can not beat the customer service provided by ASC. Today it is hard to find a company that will stand behind the product they sell. i am rating this product and purchase 5 stars due to the excellent service.



Bill from MD wrote (November 08, 2013):

needed to replace an old mower prices for name brands were much higher than i expected. checked out the EM6 good value for the cost. purchased in may of 2013 mowed with it all this season no major issues after 21 hours of use. the gauge wheels have some chunks of rubber missing but other than that performed well. ASC has great customer service i will purchasing additional implements and equipment in the future.

4 Stars great buy, great service


RC Kirby from SC wrote (May 09, 2013):

I bought a 4 foot model a year ago and ,like mentioned in other reviews the pins popped off and I had to hunt for my tire and height sleeves , I replaced the pins with grade 8 bolts and lock nuts to solve that problem. If you keep your grass cut properly , this mower will do the job nicely. Don't let your grass get too high for any finishing mower ! Keep oil in the gear box and apply grease to the bearing often. My local Agri supply team in Florence saw my review of my 4 foot model, where I mentioned I was going to buy a 6 foot model for my father in laws 80th birthday this mothers day weekend and they contacted me and made arrangements to have one in stock for me. Great American service ! Thanks Agri south , Florence team, and yes My father in law is thrilled with his new finishing mower....

4 Stars Estate mower comments

Leland Jacobson from TX wrote (September 22, 2012):

It work well with my Kioti DK35 the first time I used it one of the clip pins that holds the caster wheels came apart so i lost the adjustment sleeves but other wise works good for the money

4 Stars It works

Shane from GA wrote (August 09, 2012):

I've had it for a couple of months and no problems. Cuts level. It does, however, sit really close to my Ford 640 tractor so if I lift the mower very far off the ground it actually hits the rear tractor tires.

4 Stars Good for the price.

from NC wrote (July 21, 2012):

Only used twice and the front wheels broke apart. Other than that no problems.

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