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Gate Hardware

Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of tools such as these galvanized hinges used for chain link fences, square bend square hooks often used to hang items, strap hinges made to secure any gate or door, easy to assemble gate wheels, and this heavy-duty two-way gate latch designed to swing in both directions.

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5/8 X 1-3/4 Bolt Hinge
image 5/8" x 1-3/4" Bolt Hinge
Item # 14654A
$3.99 EA
1-1/4 X 8 Hinge Strap
image 1-1/4" x 8" Hinge Strap
Item # 20395A
$3.49 EA
1-1/4 X 10 Hinge Strap
image 1-1/4" x 10" Hinge Strap
Item # 20401A
$3.99 EA
1 Way Gate Latch W/padlock Slot
image 1 Way Gate Latch with Padlock Slot, Red
Item # 35613A
$13.99 EA
Steel Gate Closer
image Steel Gate Closer
Item # 63873A
$20.99 EA
3/4 X 2 Bolt Hinge
image 3/4" x 2" White Zinc Bolt Hinge
Item # 83714A
$3.99 EA
Strap Hinge Zinc Plated
image Hinge Strap for 1/2" Screw Hook
Item # 20395
$9.38 EA
Screw Hook Zinc Plated For Gate Hinge
Item # 20394
$4.99 EA
Screw Hook, 3/4 x 6
image Screw Hook, 3/4" x 6"
Item # 83294
$11.99 EA
Tarter® Galvanized Hinge, 2"
image Tarter® Galvanized Gate Hinge 2 "
Item # 83714
$14.88 EA
Bolt Hook
image Bolt Hook 5/8" X 12"
Item # 14681
$11.99 EA
Gate Closure
Item # 63873
$25.88 EA
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You want gate hardware to be as durable as the gate you're installing, so turn first to Agri Supply when a project calls for gate latches or other gate hardware. Our farm gate hardware assortment ranges from gate wheels to barrel bolts. When gate hinges are needed, choose from heavy duty strap hinges and T hinges in several sizes, as well as other types of gate hinges. Our T hinges and strap hinges are designed to withstand the challenges you have in store for them.

For gate hardware ranging from hinges to automatic latches, look no further. Besides farm gate hardware, be sure to browse our assortment of sturdy metal farm gates, too.

Gate hardware including door pulls, gate wheels and lockable gate latches can be found among the livestock supplies at Agri Supply, where the customer comes first. We have farm gate hardware, too, such as bolt hooks and screw hooks. Find gate hinges of several types so you can get exactly what you need. Whether T hinges are needed or a zinc plated barrel bolt, count on Agri Supply for quality and variety.

While browsing gate hardware, be sure to look at our large assortment of durable farm gates, too. Buy farm gate hardware with confidence, because we guarantee these and most products for one year with our own warranty. Our gate hinges include heavy strap hinges, screw hook and strap hinges, and hinges with bolts and nuts. Our T hinges include an extra heavy duty T hinge that's zinc-plated for added strength.