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75HP Gearbox RW-610-6S, Spline 1-3/8 Input Shaft

This rotary cutter gearbox can provide a high powered operation to your 5 ft., 6 ft., and 7 ft. rotary cutters. It runs at 75 HP and has a 6 spline shaft that measures 1-3/8 in. The housing construction is extremely durable, constructed from ductile iron.
Product Overview

Gearboxes work to administer a transfer of speed and torque through their internal gear rotation, helping the overall performance of your rotary cutter. This RW-610-6S gearbox operates at 75 HP. The housing is constructed from durable ductile iron and the input shaft measures 1-3/8 in. with 6 splines. It has a beveled type of gear, with the gear ratio measuring 1:1.46. Designed for use with 5 ft., 6 ft., and 7 ft. rotary cutters, this rotary cutter gearbox has 4 bolt holes measuring 3/4 in. on an 8 in. bolt pattern for installment.


  • Gearbox RW-610-6S
  • The rotation can be clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Horsepower: 75
  • Max RPM 540
  • For 5 ft., 6 ft., and 7 ft. rotary cutters
  • Housing construction: Ductile iron
  • Input shaft: 1-3/8 inches diameter and 3.75 inches long
  • 6 Spline shaft
  • Gear ratio: 1:1.46
  • Gear type: Bevel gear
  • Bolt holes: 4, with 3/4 in. diameter
  • Bolt pattern: 8 in.
  • Output shaft 2 inches in diameter and overall length of 4-1/2 inches with 15 Splines
  • For castle nut use ASC # 102241 - 1" Castle Nut
  • For input seal use ASC # 89758
  • For output seal use ASC # 89761
  • For breather plug use ASC # 89762
  • For blade hub use ASC #89755
  • After the pan and blades are installed onto the gearbox make sure when blades are turned back toward the gearbox shaft they do not hit the shaft or nut but clear it before using the rotary cutter. 

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