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12" Electric Brake Assembly, Right Hand, 7000 lb. Capacity

Stop with confidence using this 12 inch by 2 inch electric brake assembly. This is a right-hand brake assembly that will work on trailers with axles rated up to 7000 pounds. See ASC # 36788 for a left-hand brake assembly.
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Product Overview

This right-hand electric brake assembly is 12 inches in diameter and 2 inches wide. Paired with the left-hand brake assembly, ASC #36788, the brakes can handle trailers with axles up to 7000 lb. capacity.

The brake assembly comes complete with a backing plate with 5 holes for mounting, brake shoes, upper double retracting springs, lower under-mount adjustment spring, magnet and wiring. The design of this right hand break assembly is superior and the uniquely designed magnet generates a substantially higher pulling power than other electric brakes at the same amperage. Due to the electrical wiring, this brake assembly should not be used with watercraft trailers


  • Electric Brake Assembly, Right Hand
  • 12 inch x 2 inch
  • Number of mounting holes: 5
  • Capacity: 7000 Lbs.
  • Fully assembled, includes backing plate, brake shoes, magnet with wiring, springs and under-mount adjustment spring
  • For use with non watercraft trailers
  • Both wire leads are hot
  • Unique magnet design for greater pulling power
  • Right hand passenger side electric brake assembly

After stopping with confidence, and once you need replacement brake shoes, Agri Supply® has the replacement parts that you need.

  • 12 inch x 2 inch shoe and lining kit, ASC # 45593
  • Spring kit replacement, ASC #45593
  • Magnet Kit, ASC #36789
  • Brake mount hex nut, ASC #60792
  • Mounting bolt, ASC #60791
  • Replacement flange, ASC #67879
  • Partial repair kit, ASC #66377
  • Use ASC # 60791for mounting bolt
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