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Keulavator™ Rear Shank Kit

Item #123027
The Keulavator™ Rear Shank Kit will allow you to do multiple things in a single pass! While using the Disc Hillers to bed a row or the Spider Gangs to cultivate, the Keulavator™ Rear Shank Kit will allow you to run your sweeps also.
Product Overview

Keulavator™ Rear Shank Kit


  • The Keulavator™ Rear Shank Kit is an excellent addition to your Keulavator by allowing you to do more things in a single pass!  This Kit will allow you to attach a set of Cultivator Sweeps to run while you are bedding or cultivating. 
  • Rear Shank Kit fits 51946 - Keulavator™ Frame 
  • (Fits every Keulavator® made)
  • See video explanation below
  • Allows the Keulavator™ to sweep out the row middles while bedding or cultivating all in one pass
  • Comes with everything needed including bolts to attach your choice of row sweep to the toolbar
  • Previous customers prefer 15355 - 16" Cultivator Sweep (Qty 2 per Kit)
  • If replacement wedge bolts are needed, use #85136
  • Bolts needed to attach sweeps are included
  • If you already have Cultivator Sweeps, those will work fine attached to this kit and the bolts you need to attach them to the shank are included
  • Easily adjustable to accommodate your mounting need in angle or height
  • Made to fit Keulavator™ and any square cultivator toolbar that is 1-3/8" in diameter including those on the International (IHC) tractors from days gone by

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