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Peanut Inverter Chain for KMC Digger Shaker

Peanut inverter chains carry the shaker/rattler bars during the process that removes the soil from the peanuts while digging. The chains also attach to the drive sprockets to get their power.
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Product Overview

Peanut inverter or rattler bar chains for the KMC Digger Shaker Inverter are used to help shake the excess dirt from the peanuts during the digging of the harvest process. These are sold 2 per box and wrap around the split sprocket for the KMC Digger. Keep your shaker chains well lubricated and make sure they can move freely to avoid downtime. This chain fits the 2 and 4 row KMC models.


  • Peanut inverter chain to fit KMC Digger Shaker
  • Model number chain: CA550-A4
  • Total length: 10'
  • For off, set link use ASC # 11398
  • For connecting link use ASC # 11399
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